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The 90s was undoubtedly the best era for many people, there was a lot of interaction among individuals, people genuinely showed interest in each other and it was also regarded as the era that birthed super telenovelas and great Nigerian series. Lovers of television can testify to that, even children whose parents couldn’t afford a television set in their homes had friends that they visited to watch their favourite cartoons and other programmes. One indigenous programme that caught the attention of the country, mostly people from the south-western part is Koto Orun.




Koto Orun bonggis



The Yekini Ajilaye’s classic drama series Koto Orun brought families together every Sunday evening, they stayed glued to their television sets watching the make belief world. The Yoruba series was focused on the battles between the good witches and the evil ones in a certain kingdom. The series was so popular that it was eventually adapted into VHS and sold for home video use.
The series was set in pre-colonial times where a particular kingdom was terrorized by a cult of evil witches who tormented the villagers at will. Though often confronted by the good witches, it was not enough to free the people from the wicked acts of the evil ones. After seeing the sufferings of the people, it was prophesized by the gods that a chosen child will be born, a saviour that will come to the rescue of the people, rid the kingdom of the witches and bring back peace and normalcy to all. The saviour child would be birthed by one of the King’s wives, so the witches came up with several schemes to kill the saviour, even colluding with the king’s first wife, but they didn’t succeed.

Koto Orun bonggis



An interesting part in the series was when the child known as Oriade, came from the spirit world to save his mother from the clutched of the evil witches. The series was filled with so many scary parts with battles fought in the spiritual realms and power display by both witches, it was suspense driven, you never know what’s coming next and it’s always one surprise after another. It starred legends such as Koledowo, Mama Mi Leko, Abija, Oyiboyi and lots more. So unique was the series that the actors’ names were same as the characters and it helped pushed the series into the hearts of many.

So how many of you still remember this classic? Which scene caught your attention the most? Did you enjoy the story? Share your experiences, let’s talk. I’ll be in the comment section.


Koto Orun bonggis







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