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Marriage Crisis: Rita Nzelu’s 14 year marriage hits the rock

Light skinned Actress Rita Nzelu is one of the actresses in “Living in Bondage”, a movie that brought Nollywood to prominence. Reports say that The Nzelu family of Ozubulu in Anambra State have returned the N70 bride price paid for the hand of their daughter, Rita Nzelu Over 14 years ago by the family of Simeon Okoro (from Imo State) to officially end the marriage between both as culture demands.

Insiders say the returning of Bride price happened in February 2018 following series of marital squabbles which has afflicted the union since 2017. According to an eye witness who witnessed the dissolution, both families decided after efforts to reconcile the couple failed both in London and Nigeria.

The person squealed that with the cultural dissolution, the actress and her husband are now free to pursue legal dissolution in the court.

Reasons adduced to the break-up of the union ranged from accusations of infidelity to jealousy. “After Rita got married bout fourteen years ago ,she decided to build her home first and then return to movies later. She did that for the first ten years or so. She temporarily left the industry to attend to family first but since she returned some years back, it has not been funny for the couple. The long hours on locations, took a toll on the marriage.
 Especially as She now produces her own films and marriage and career somehow clashed….Especially as the spouse failed to Understand..”
Rita Nzelu was Nollywood’s sweet heart before she gradually went quiet and eventually vanished from the movie scene and reappeared years later in London. Rita is a mother to Beautiful teenage Children.
Rita has acted in more than 100 Nollywood movies including Nneka the Pretty Serpent, Long John, Odenigbo, Ukwa, Living in Bondage, Baby Mama, Unforgiven, etc.
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Who Remembers Nneka the Pretty Serpent?
Yes, it’s been decades since the release of the movie but it still holds a lot of lessons. What do you remember about this Zeb Ejiro flick?


Nneka the pretty serpent is regarded as one of the movies that marked the beginning of Nollywood, it also helped launch the careers of notable actors in the Industry. Produced by Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and directed by the talented Zeb Ejiro, this movie made waves back in the day and it remains a classic in the Nigerian Film Industry.
The commercially successful movie was a must watch, with a star-studded cast that included Kanayo O. Kanayo, Ndidi Obi, Eucharia Anunobi, Ngozi Ezeonu, Rita Nzelu and a host of others. The movie garnered a cult of followers partly because the plot was what we as Africans can relate with. It tells the story of Nneka, the mermaid who uses her powers to destroy men, especially married men. Nneka doesn’t allow anything to stand in her way, she takes whatever she wants whenever it suits her. The opening scene was epic, it showed Nneka’s Mother sacrificing a cock to the river goddess as she asked for a child, and thus Nneka was born.

Nneka the pretty serpent
After toying with many hearts she finally settled for Tony (Okechukwu). She made sure he was reduced to next to nothing, he lost his job, no money and he was a complete nuisance to himself and others around him. Yet she still tormented his life. Tony was eventually saved with the help of Emeka and Ify (played by Kanayo and Rita) who brought a pastor to help. The nameless pastor stood against the powers of darkness and as you would have it, God saved the day.
The Movie, made in two parts- English and Igbo had one of the most unforgettable lines in the final scene where Nneka told Tony to look in her eyes (In Igbo language). Please, who can type that in Igbo? Help us out. Hehehe. What other scenes can you remember from the movie? Hit the comment section, let’s talk.


  •    Credits – Mikky Anyangbeso

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