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Mummy Dearest 2

Mummy Dearest 2 tells the story of a young man, Chijioke Chinda who was sent to his hometown Port Harcourt to head his company’s project.

Knowing that he’s becoming successful in life, he decides to propose to his girlfriend, Boma Koko. After the big move, Boma begins to assume the position of a prospective wife which does not sit well with Chijioke’s mum, Rose Chinda.

The film which was written and directed by Willis Ikedum stars Liz Ameye, Daniel K. Daniel, Uti Nwachukwu and Mary Lazarus, with cameo appearances from Marvis Nkpornwi, Melvin Oduah, and Chris Okagbue

Who remembers Diamond Ring???

Movie Title- Diamond Ring part 1

Genre- Drama

Produced by– Tade Ogidan

Directed by- Tade Ogidan

Written by- Tade Ogidan

Cast- Richard Mofe Damijo

                Shola Shobowale

                Teju Babyface

                Bimbo Akintola

                Buki Ajayi




I must confess that I love reviewing our retro movies, it takes me back to when things were simple; the good old days. I recently saw one of the classics from one of Nigeria’s finest producer and director- Tade Ogidan. This guy was one of the very few who know their onions and has made a mark in the industry. His movies are sensational and he makes sure to invest a lot in terms of budget because he believes in quality production.

Diamond Ring is a great movie, fantastic storyline and plot, awesome characterization from some of the most talented actors in Nollywood. The 1998 film captivated movie enthusiasts and it was probably one of the first shot in two continents. Split into two parts Diamond Ring tells the story of a young boy- Chidi (played by Teju Babyface) the son of very rich Igbo parents (Richard Mofe Damijo and Shola Sobowale) who didn’t really have time for him and his sister because of their busy lives. Chidi, only fifteen got admission to the university same time as his elder sister who is eighteen. It was a thing of joy and pride for his parents that their fifteen-year-old is brilliant enough to study in a tertiary institution.


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So off Chidi went to the University of Lagos, a young boy away from home and the supervision of his parents, he was having the time of his life enjoying his new found freedom. A likeable lad and brilliant for that matter, he made friends easily. Bimbola (Bimbo Akintola) came into his life more like a big sister, but their relationship was sort of awkward. He loved her as if she was his girlfriend while still seeing her as a big sister because of the age difference and vice versa. This got me thinking, what would’ve happened if they’d actually dated? Wel, we’ll never know.



Diamond Ring movie bonggis



The love Chidi had for Bimbola drove him to join a confraternity in school, the brotherhood XG. Being naïve and unassuming he thought he was protecting her. Lami his room mate and friend introduced him to the group and convinced him to join. Lami even spilled the beans that Bimbola was held bound by a lecturer who threatens her with failure unless she sleeps with him repeatedly. Chidi reported the case to the VC, his father’s friend but nothing was done about it, meaning that the VC also had his own shady dealings. This no doubt angered him coupled with the fact that he was appalled by the living conditions of students on campus. All these strengthened his will to join, he wanted to make a change and for a moment he thought he actually did.



Diamond Ring movie bonggis



Things went bad when he was asked to open a grave of a lady as part of his brave test to finalize his initiation into the fraternity, they went beyond that. They stole the jewelry belonging to the dead lady and that was the genesis of his troubles. The most important being the Diamond Ring of the lady which he was convinced to sell. Things started getting bad when he fell seriously ill and all his friends started dying, they had to take him home where he confessed to his parents as to the true nature of his ailment.

Okay enough of the plenty stories. Here’s what I find interesting about the movie. The aunt that could see beyond the ordinary was pretty scary, I mean who has such relations? One look at you and they know if you’ve stolen meat from the pot or not. Buki Ajayi played the role well. RMD was phenomenal in the Igbo man character and Sola Sobowale as usual was good. But I kinda felt her portrayal of an Igbo wife was not convincing enough. Of course Bimbo Akintola didn’t disappoint at all, but the person that got a standing ovation from me was Teju Babyface. His performance was just splendid, he played the role of Chidi so well that I even thought he was Chidi for real. Liz Benson was cool as well.


Diamond Ring movie bonggis


Production was okay, sound was cool but the boom mic kept popping up at the edge of the screen. Not good for production. I loved the dialogue, for me it was rich and engaging but the soundtracks was a no no for me. They could’ve done better. Effects was a total no. Make up was so wrong, the ghost of the dead lady was not scary at all, they just plastered white powder on her face and a fan close by to blow her hair backward to give it that windy effect but it was unreal and a bit annoying not to mention laughable and her audio was poor as well.

While we wait to review the other half of this movie, it is pertinent to note that this was a great movie and spectacular job from Mr. Tade Ogidan.





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There are some movies you just have to see more than once. You know; to have a clearer view and understanding. Movies that you thought was the best some decades ago, will probably disappoint and leave you wondering however you managed to enjoy them and actually get excited.

So I sat through an excruciating one hour, fifty-seven minutes of pain watching one of Nollywood’s classics- Glamour Girls. From the stables of Nek Video Links Production, produced by Kenneth Nnebue; the star-studded flick was directed by Chika Onukwufor. So I was a bit excited to finally see the movie again since it had been ages, to say the truth I had forgotten the plot and was hoping to see something that will blow me to smithereens but alas that wasn’t the story. All those stars in one “blockbuster”, (I think that was what we believed it to be at the time) and only a handful were able to deliver exceptionally wonderful performance. With the likes of Gloria Alozie (now Gloria Young), Ngozi Ezeonu, Bimbo Manuel, Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey, Peter Bunor, Liz Benson, Ignis Ekwe and a host of others, one would have expected top notch action but only a few managed to bring it on.

Glamour Girls depicted the lives of society’s big girls or ‘Senior Girls as they prefer to be called, mostly in their mid-thirties; how they climbed the social ladder by bedding the high and mighty in the country. They would do anything to make life comfortable and live in affluence but with the assistance of “Alhajis and Chiefs” who asks nothing but pleasure unlimited. As the name implies, these ladies lived in glamour and splendor of the times, driving expensive cars, traveling around the world and basically “living the life”. Okay, so that’s the gist. However, there are quite a few things that didn’t quite sit well with me.

First of all, I’d like to state that the opening scene for me was sort of a buzz kill. You start a scene by taking someone you met on your doorstep to a friend she claims she knows, a complete stranger. I’d have thought you’d confirm first from your friend before taking such liberty.

Gloria Alozie played Doris in the movie, a thirty-something-year-old lady who made a good life for herself, sleeping with rich middle aged men who foot her every bill. She was able to get her claws on a young man (Ernest Obi), in his twenties who was head over heels for her. They got married amidst strong reservations by friends and family and after marriage, he automatically became a houseboy. Practically doing the house chores including washing her undies. She subjected him to all manner of humiliation simply because she’s older and has loads of bucks to throw at him. Doris is a strong character, she exudes poise and confidence. Her falling out with Sandra (a friend from her University days who she brought down to Lagos and introduced to ‘the league of the senior girls’) was totally unnecessary. She could’ve avoided the issue but she didn’t, made it known that deep down she was sort of jealous.  A go-getter she is who lets nothing stand in her way. Her appetite for handsome young men is insatiable, leading her to sleep with Dennis, thus causing the rift between her and Sandra. I must confess that I admire the character, strong willed and undaunted.



glamour girls

glamour girls

Sandra messed up her life by falling for Dennis (Pat Attah), after promising herself to stick with Chief Esiri (Peter Bunor) who raised her to the status of a senior girl. In the end, Dennis absconded with her two million naira to America after persuading her to leave chief. She was devasted. Okay this part got me thinking, what did she think would’ve happened, they get married and live happily ever after? She was cautioned severely by friends but she followed ‘love’ and ended up ‘lovelorn’.

With an almost excellent performance, Liz Benson pulled off the character Jane so well. Too well if you ask me. The character just exposes the gullibility in women and how they are easily swayed with boyish charm and sweet talk.  Jane was pulled off the streets by Desmond (played by Sola) and despite her not so fantastic past he married her. Desmond had an accident and was bedridden, he was severely injured. Due to the fact that he wasn’t around, Jane let her guard down. She allowed herself to be sweet talked by a British speaking Naija fine boy, who pumped her eardrums with lies of plans of becoming the next Nigerian president. He painted the perfect picture, said he lived in the states and is close friends with the US president. He convinced her to divorce her husband and sell off the goods in her supermarket, also convince her husband to sign the release of a huge sum in the joint account they both manage, all in the bid to travel to the states to get married and start a new life. Now, this got me thinking, how on earth did she miss it? The signs were crystal clear. I mean, she never saw him with any political bigwig, always talking big numbers on the phone with nothing really to show for it, the whole thing was a big scam and she walked right into it. Yes, she was able to track him down and kill him, but she had lost her husband’s trust, happiness, and wealth, abandoning him to his fate.

Another character that was everywhere, Helen. She was a professional sex worker who steals and uses blackmail to extort money from her clients. I’m really not sure about her relevance to the plot but I think more will be revealed in the sequel.

Glamour Girls had so many wrongs and very few rights. From draggy and in some cases uninteresting dialogues to poor soundtrack laced with noise from the ambience and not forgetting terrible effects (the gun wound to the head). However, the film provides an overview, furnishing viewers on insights of the way women struggle to keep ahead in life; in their pursuit of wealth, happiness, and love.

  •    Credits – Mikky Anyangbeso