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Susan Wokoma replaces Genevieve Nnaji in Ego Boyo’s movie

British Actress, Susan Wokoma has replaced Genevieve Nnaji in a movie titled The Ghost and The House of Truth, a movie produced by Ego Boyo.

According to reports, Wokoma whose Wikipedia page describes as a British Actress of Nigerian descent, plays Bola, a role previously hoped for Nnaji.

Certain media outlets had reported in November 2017 that Genevieve Nnaji would be playing a lead role in the upcoming project.

Susan Wokoma joins Nollywood heavyweights like Kate Henshaw, Toyin Oshinaike, South African Actor, Fabian Adeoye Lojede on set.

Ego Boyo is known for her character in the classic tv series  ‘‘Checkmate”, Ego is also the President of International Women’s society. Aside her movie ”The House of Truth”,  Ego is also working on a project with Richard Mofe Damijo

RMD and Ego Boyo to work together after 25years

President of International Women’s Society Ego Boyo and Richard Mofe Damijo are the popular faces many would relate to popular Tv drama of the 90s  ‘Checkmate’. These two are back working together on a TV show titled ‘DramCom” The Mr. X Family Show.  Actor Mofe Damiijo took to his Instagram to disclose the good news and he wrote;


Mofe Damijo bonggis



“My journey with Ego Boyo started nearly 30 years ago, our first encounter being on the production of CHECKMATE when my dear friend Amaka Igwe pulled me in as the villain Segun Kadiri on the highly coveted TV series. One of the most remarkable things about Ego is that despite the fact that she is born with a silver spoon into the family of the highly respected late Justice Nnamani she was super disciplined (she still is), very humble and extremely committed. Our status as Nigerian TV sweethearts rose with the movie VIOLATED as ‘Tega’ and ‘Peggy’ became the toast of Violated fans. Since then Ego has gone ahead to becoming wife, mother, accomplished business woman and the President of International Women’s Society.

Over 25 years later Tega and Peggy are back together again on my new TV “DramCom” The Mr X Family Show. I can only hope that getting back together again on TV will tickle fans of Ann Hathrope and Segun Kadiri and the fans of Tega and Peggy who have been craving to have them grace their TV screens again. Ego and I are pretty excited about this and hope the excitement catches on. We are curious to see how many people or if anyone can correctly guess what we’re back together as… Mr and Mrs? Secret Lovers? Siblings? Colleagues?…
Somebody?! Anybody?! Let the guessing game begin.



Mofe Damijo bonggis

Mofe Damijo and Ego Boyo 25 years ago











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CHECKMATE- a classic among classics

It’s throwback Thursday and I’m excited to talk about one of the most loved and watched series in the 90s. It was an Amaka Igwe flick and she did marvelously well with the series. I bet you all know the series already- It’s Checkmate!

Checkmate, aired on NTA, ran from 1991 to 1995 and it was sponsored by Lever Brothers Nigeria (now Unilever). The series undoubtedly unveiled the genius that is Amaka Igwe to the Nigerian film industry and indeed to the world. Checkmate featured the greats like Richard Mofe Damijo, Ego Boyo, Bimbo Manuels, Francis Duru, and lots of other industry giants in their youthful days.



Checkmate  tv series bonggis

The story revolves around some families in Nigeria drawn from different backgrounds and orientation- the Haastrups, a wealthy family with many enemies who are bent on destroying them, the Fujis, a polygamous family with the everyday struggles of living together as one, the Edems, a typical middle-class family and other families dealing with challenges faced in the average Nigerian home. The popular family sitcom- Fuji House of Commotion is a spinoff of Checkmate. (for those that didn’t know)

Checkmate was not just another series in the days, it was a well thought out and scripted work with actors who knew their craft delivering exceptionally as professionals. The series told the story of Ann Haastrup who went all out to bring back the glory of Haastrup Investments, the family business that was mismanaged by her brother Benibo (Francis Agu) and at the same time fight off rivals especially Segun Kadiri (RMD) who made a vow to destroy the Haastrups for the death of his mother.




Chief Fuji who is a board member of Haastrup Investment has a dysfunctional home with many children from three wives who are constantly at war, they fight for his affection and sometimes team up to ward off some of the chief’s mistresses. Chief shuns his financial responsibilities at home and uses his wealth to womanize, this gave rise to pranks by the wives and children who constantly seek new and creative ways to get money from him. There are other interesting parts to the family drama series that once held the nation spellbound and glued to their television sets most evenings.
There is no doubt that Checkmate amassed a cult following back in the days, and in this day and era when streaming online is common, it will be nice to have a rerun of the series in the digital space, what do you think? There are some other fascinating stories and scenes in the series, which can you remember? Join the conversation in the comment section, let’s relive old times.






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I haven’t left Nollywood –President of International Women’s society, Ego Boyo


Ego Boyo bonggis



Ego Boyo is known for her role in Checkmate, the ace actress has emerged from acting to producing and to becoming a society lady. She is a mother of three and most recently became the President of the International Women’s Society (IWS).
In an interview with the Guardian, she discussed her new set of responsibilities and her return to Nollywood.


Boyo and Nollywood
Boyo’s entry into Nollywood was quite natural as she explains, “I think from the very beginning I was always sort of a performer, I was known for putting on little skits and play acting all the time. It wasn’t a stretch when I decided to go into acting and eventually into film making, it was always a part of me.” Boyo’s audience has seen her behind the camera as a producer and in front of the camera as an actress. Although it’s clear that she has a flair for both, she talks about a defining moment in her career being the transition from acting to producing. According to the actress, “I enjoy acting, it is something that I do have a passion for and I will always love it, in terms of careers I like being behind the camera more.”
Furthermore, Boyo talks about the progression of the Nigerian film industry, as she emphasises the need to explore other genres. She adds, “The idea is to continue to strive for quality in all our productions…everybody has a comedy out. There are many other parts or genres we can focus on. I think we have done so well, but I think we can do much more.”
Taking on the role as President of the IWS
Recently, Ego Boyo took on the role as President of the International Women’s Society. The organisation, which was founded in 1957 by a group of women in Lagos, has been involved in changing the lives of women and children for the past 60 years. Boyo talks about her reason wanting to become President after being a part of the organisation for about 18 years. She explains, “I had a clear vision of where I thought the society needed to go and I thought I was in the position to be able to move them to that point and I had great support from all the ladies.” According to Boyo, being the President is quite different to a regular member as it is “an enormous responsibility.” She emphasises, “When you’re President you don’t get that, you can’t leave, you have to stay from the very beginning to the very end. Then you have to be part of the decision-making, you are involved in making sure progress is made.”
The organisation has several projects such as the day nursery for children, the scholarship program, the Skills Acquisition Centre, the widow’s trust fund and social services. Boyo expands on the importance of each project as a method of empowerment, she says, “For the widows, we don’t just give them money to pay off the bills; we give them sustainable plans to take care of themselves. They tell us what business they want to get involved in and we empower them by giving them funding and direction.” While the children from nine months to five years are imparted education, the skill centre offers a variety of vocational skills from adult literacy to computer literacy skills.
Although these programs have been up and running for many years, Boyo speaks passionately about the girl child education as a main focus. She explains, “In Nigeria, and other parts of the world, girl child education has been identified as being endangered… and since our organisation focuses on women and children it is an area I would like to highlight.”


Challenges, exciting projects and future plans for the organisation
Like many other NGOs in Nigeria, sponsors fund IWS, Boyo talks about the issue of funding being a major challenge the organisation is facing. As the country lacks adequate social services, most times the onus lies solely on NGOs who give support to people in need. She says, “All of our funding is by donation, the generosity of benefactors. The fact that there are so many NGO charities and we are all looking for the same money to do what we need to do. Social services do not exist, as they should, so in some cases we are the only support. I know social services are set up in most local government but they do not run as effectively as they are supposed to. This society and society like ours have been a saving grace for people.”
Judging by Boyo’s abundant and magical garden, where she grows tomatoes, pepper, ewedu, okara and garden eggs, it’s obvious that she has a growing passion for agriculture. She emphasises the need to grow our own food, especially during this recession. The IWS is also taking an initiative on agriculture she says, “We aim to teach our prospective agriculture students the need to grow what you can eat but also the way to grow our food needs without compromising the environment and creating wastage.”
While Boyo has only just been elected into office, she already has a few plans lined up, starting with increasing the membership to include particularly younger women. She explains, “My main goal is membership. Now we are an old society, so we have a lot of older members but I know that we need younger members for the simple point that we need to move the society forward…. People aren’t getting any younger, so we are going to need young blood. Where the world is now, it is so technologically driven, we need people that understand the space and are able to use the platform.” According to Boyo, younger members will enable growth, as they will bring along “tools”, which will enhance the organisation technologically.
What’s next for Ego Boyo?
Boyo’s fans have been waiting patiently for a come back for many years, and many have speculated the actress might have left Nollywood behind. According to Boyo, “The film will always be my day job; it is my passion and what I do. I am able to work on that and on the Presidency and IWS as well. I have the wonderful women in the committee who take on the roles of chairpersons and I oversee all of that and seek support from other organisations. I am able to do that and still do my film business.” Boyo talks about dabbling into directing soon as well as unveiling her project. She says, “I have a project coming out, it’s a short film called A hotel called Memory. It was directed by Akin Omotoso and stars Nse Ikpe Etim.” According to Boyo, the executive producer, the film was shot about 18 months ago in Lagos, Zanzibar and in Cape Town. She adds, “We are in the process of editing it for release, so that’s definitely something to look forward to at the end of May/early June.”



Culled from the Guardian





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