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Okay, we’ve talked about the soap operas of the 80s that got us loving television, the stories and actors were spectacular and we yearned for more. With amazing shows that made us fall in love with the make-believe industry. Little wonder the 90s came with fascinating programmes that held us spellbound, soaps and sitcoms that made us run from the office just to meet the opening scene and make sure we don’t miss any bit of it. Well in case you’ve forgotten (or were not born then), these are some of the Nigerian produced soaps and sitcoms that made waves in the 90s.



CANDLE LIGHT: This Zeb Ejiro produced soap opera was a hit in the 90s, with different subplots that were intriguing and entertaining at the same time. It was also a springboard for many Nigerian actors. The characters that probably got the most attention from viewers was Emem and Dogood, played by Kate Henshaw and Basorge Tariah Jr. respectively. Their comic romance in the series brought smiles and laughter on the faces of many who watched the programme.


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CHECKMATE: This is probably the most watched soap opera in the 90s. Though it started in the late 80s, it got a lot of ratings in the early 90s. It also launched the careers of Nollywood greats such as Richard Mofe Damijo, Bimbo Manuel, Ego Boyo, Kunle Bantefa, Ngozi Nwosu, Norbert Young, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Francis Agu and a host of others. Checkmate had huge followership back in the day that every home sat down together to watch the series, it was created by film genius Amaka Igwe and aired on the popular Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).


PALACE: Talk about the rich and famous, a life of flamboyance and affluence; that was what Palace represented. It showed the sides of the high and mighty and the many challenges they faced in keeping up with their status, managing their affairs and making sure they stay on top. Palace was aired on Africa Independent Television and had Tunji Bamishingbi as one of the producers. The show was a favourite back in the day. It featured actors like Foluke Daramola, Femi Brainard among others.


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FAMILY CIRCLE: Family Circle was one of the most popular series in the 90s. It showcased the daily lives of a particular family and how they overcome the different challenges that came their way. This series starred industry greats such Ronnie Dikko, Norbert Young and then kid actors Bolaji and Aisha Allison.

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NEW MASQUERADE: Considered the longest running Nigerian sitcom on television, the New Masquerade ran from the 1980s to the mid-1990s. This sitcom brought so much joy in many Nigerian homes. With fantastic actors like John Iroh (who also created the show) Chika Opkala, Lizzy Evoeme, Claudius Eke and Christy Essien-Igbokwe, they brought life to the show with their display of wit and humorous lines. New Masquerade still remains one of the best sitcoms ever to be produced in the history of the Nigerian film industry.

That’s it folks, I’m sure you all remember one or two of the shows mentioned. In case I forgot to add some that you think ought to be there, why don’t you send it in, share your thoughts and comments on the comment section and let’s reminisce about the good old days.

















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RMD and Ego Boyo to work together after 25years

President of International Women’s Society Ego Boyo and Richard Mofe Damijo are the popular faces many would relate to popular Tv drama of the 90s  ‘Checkmate’. These two are back working together on a TV show titled ‘DramCom” The Mr. X Family Show.  Actor Mofe Damiijo took to his Instagram to disclose the good news and he wrote;


Mofe Damijo bonggis



“My journey with Ego Boyo started nearly 30 years ago, our first encounter being on the production of CHECKMATE when my dear friend Amaka Igwe pulled me in as the villain Segun Kadiri on the highly coveted TV series. One of the most remarkable things about Ego is that despite the fact that she is born with a silver spoon into the family of the highly respected late Justice Nnamani she was super disciplined (she still is), very humble and extremely committed. Our status as Nigerian TV sweethearts rose with the movie VIOLATED as ‘Tega’ and ‘Peggy’ became the toast of Violated fans. Since then Ego has gone ahead to becoming wife, mother, accomplished business woman and the President of International Women’s Society.

Over 25 years later Tega and Peggy are back together again on my new TV “DramCom” The Mr X Family Show. I can only hope that getting back together again on TV will tickle fans of Ann Hathrope and Segun Kadiri and the fans of Tega and Peggy who have been craving to have them grace their TV screens again. Ego and I are pretty excited about this and hope the excitement catches on. We are curious to see how many people or if anyone can correctly guess what we’re back together as… Mr and Mrs? Secret Lovers? Siblings? Colleagues?…
Somebody?! Anybody?! Let the guessing game begin.



Mofe Damijo bonggis

Mofe Damijo and Ego Boyo 25 years ago











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The 90s was undoubtedly the best era for many people, there was a lot of interaction among individuals, people genuinely showed interest in each other and it was also regarded as the era that birthed super telenovelas and great Nigerian series. Lovers of television can testify to that, even children whose parents couldn’t afford a television set in their homes had friends that they visited to watch their favourite cartoons and other programmes. One indigenous programme that caught the attention of the country, mostly people from the south-western part is Koto Orun.




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The Yekini Ajilaye’s classic drama series Koto Orun brought families together every Sunday evening, they stayed glued to their television sets watching the make belief world. The Yoruba series was focused on the battles between the good witches and the evil ones in a certain kingdom. The series was so popular that it was eventually adapted into VHS and sold for home video use.
The series was set in pre-colonial times where a particular kingdom was terrorized by a cult of evil witches who tormented the villagers at will. Though often confronted by the good witches, it was not enough to free the people from the wicked acts of the evil ones. After seeing the sufferings of the people, it was prophesized by the gods that a chosen child will be born, a saviour that will come to the rescue of the people, rid the kingdom of the witches and bring back peace and normalcy to all. The saviour child would be birthed by one of the King’s wives, so the witches came up with several schemes to kill the saviour, even colluding with the king’s first wife, but they didn’t succeed.

Koto Orun bonggis



An interesting part in the series was when the child known as Oriade, came from the spirit world to save his mother from the clutched of the evil witches. The series was filled with so many scary parts with battles fought in the spiritual realms and power display by both witches, it was suspense driven, you never know what’s coming next and it’s always one surprise after another. It starred legends such as Koledowo, Mama Mi Leko, Abija, Oyiboyi and lots more. So unique was the series that the actors’ names were same as the characters and it helped pushed the series into the hearts of many.

So how many of you still remember this classic? Which scene caught your attention the most? Did you enjoy the story? Share your experiences, let’s talk. I’ll be in the comment section.


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CHECKMATE- a classic among classics

It’s throwback Thursday and I’m excited to talk about one of the most loved and watched series in the 90s. It was an Amaka Igwe flick and she did marvelously well with the series. I bet you all know the series already- It’s Checkmate!

Checkmate, aired on NTA, ran from 1991 to 1995 and it was sponsored by Lever Brothers Nigeria (now Unilever). The series undoubtedly unveiled the genius that is Amaka Igwe to the Nigerian film industry and indeed to the world. Checkmate featured the greats like Richard Mofe Damijo, Ego Boyo, Bimbo Manuels, Francis Duru, and lots of other industry giants in their youthful days.



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The story revolves around some families in Nigeria drawn from different backgrounds and orientation- the Haastrups, a wealthy family with many enemies who are bent on destroying them, the Fujis, a polygamous family with the everyday struggles of living together as one, the Edems, a typical middle-class family and other families dealing with challenges faced in the average Nigerian home. The popular family sitcom- Fuji House of Commotion is a spinoff of Checkmate. (for those that didn’t know)

Checkmate was not just another series in the days, it was a well thought out and scripted work with actors who knew their craft delivering exceptionally as professionals. The series told the story of Ann Haastrup who went all out to bring back the glory of Haastrup Investments, the family business that was mismanaged by her brother Benibo (Francis Agu) and at the same time fight off rivals especially Segun Kadiri (RMD) who made a vow to destroy the Haastrups for the death of his mother.




Chief Fuji who is a board member of Haastrup Investment has a dysfunctional home with many children from three wives who are constantly at war, they fight for his affection and sometimes team up to ward off some of the chief’s mistresses. Chief shuns his financial responsibilities at home and uses his wealth to womanize, this gave rise to pranks by the wives and children who constantly seek new and creative ways to get money from him. There are other interesting parts to the family drama series that once held the nation spellbound and glued to their television sets most evenings.
There is no doubt that Checkmate amassed a cult following back in the days, and in this day and era when streaming online is common, it will be nice to have a rerun of the series in the digital space, what do you think? There are some other fascinating stories and scenes in the series, which can you remember? Join the conversation in the comment section, let’s relive old times.






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