HOW OUR RATINGS WORK is a platform dedicated to entertaining reviews. We keep our readers informed, entertained and educated by reviewing and ranking movies and or series.


The reviews are in two parts. Bonggis review is our in-house reviews by professional writers and journalists. They x-ray movies through their eagle eyed lenses. From the script to the costumes, from the lighting to the directing and of course the acting. Actors, Directors and Producers will do well to check these reviews on regular bases.

Guest reviews are reviews by our readers. They are allowed to air their views on a particular movie they have seen; no holds barred. Visitors to the website are allowed to rate guests reviews, with a rating above 95% qualifying a guest reviewer to be a bonggis reviewer. Also, the best review in the guest section per week qualifies for a movie ticket to see a recently released movie.


Boxoffice rating: these are weekly collation of movie ticket sales at the cinemas. Movies will be ranked according to how well they are doing at the cinemas.

Top movies: These ratings are based on daily votes collected on The higher the votes, the higher the ranking. The movies with the highest viewing rate appear on the TOP MOVIES section on Audience and fans are expected to vote to keep their favourite movie at the top spot for as long as possible. Feedbacks are also advised to enable us as well as the producers and directors understand the audience views.

Top series: These ratings are based on “episodic” reviews. Audience and fans are expected to vote and give their opinions after each episode of best series. Series will be ranked weekly based on the votes collated.

Top picks: A movie is considered to be a Top Pick on Bonggis when it is a new movie released in a particular month that most people are watching and also talking about. The new movie with the highest viewing rate in a month and most talked about in the media in a month is the top pick for the month.

For Example:
Movie A, Movie B, Movie C, Movie D and Movie F are new movies released in the month of June. Then Movie A, Movie B and Movie C have the highest rating of the movies most people are watching and talking about in the month of June. So therefore, Movie A, Movie B and Movie C would appear on the TOP PICK section on in the month of July.

Please note that a movie can be a top pick and top movie at the same time if it ranks highest in both sections. And where there are no new movies released in a particular month, the top picks for the previous months will remain as top picks. Also note that top picks are not restricted to movies alone, a series can be the top pick for the month. It all depends on votes and ranking.