Bonggis is a  Nigerian professional movie review website whose focus for now is on Nigerian Movies(Nollywood) and by extension, the African movie industry. Founded in 2016, Bonggis officially started operations in 2017. Its intention is to fully launch out a functional box office for Nigerian/African movies.


Bonggis is a response to the gap within the Nollywood industry as there is no well-coordinated movie review platforms and proper box office records. Our aim is that our rating will be the most credible and the most trusted measurement of quality in Nollywood entertainment. The platform offers movie enthusiast a formal ground to access credible reviews, vote, monitor new releases, follow favourite celebs, access box office information, join conversations on reviews, follow the buzz on industry news, vote for favourite movies etc.


Bonggis aims to be the most credible “convention” /community of both critics, movie lovers, producers, actors and actresses in Nigeria. It is a community because everyone participates, we have a talented crop of professional critics, however, film lovers are encouraged to give instant reviews of movies they just watched.


We provide a platform that entertains and keep movie lovers abreast with trailers, new releases, reviews, behind the scene footages, commentary, and celebrity interviews, and generate a “fever” prior to the movie premiere to a targeted audience of a movie enthusiast. This is a specific audience of people who are sure to talk about the film and then make a selection and can run commentary /rate the film.