Opinion Piece: 10 Things I Learn from the film- Mokalik

Movies are meant to portray reality, pass across messages that tend to distinguish what is right or wrong, good or bad or just present situations or circumstances we can learn from. That’s what Mokalik did for me. Yes, I just saw the film, close your mouth abeg. Hehehe.

In a time when formal education seems to be the yardstick or standard by which society determines life’s success, Mokalik is one film that pushes the boundaries in a bid to question the narrative and introduce us to a fresh perspective. (Watch Trailer Here)


We’re all wired differently, each with a different mindset and inherent skillset; everyone can’t be doctors, lawyers, pilots or sit behind a desk all day punching laptops. Some people are way better with their hands than having to read books so they can pass exams that do not truly tell their intelligence. Kunle Afolayan did a great one in Mokalik, in a single day, a kid was able to learn more about cars and life than he’d ever learned if he was in the four walls of a classroom. And let’s not forget that many of us learned a lot about cars as well. So, here are 10 things I got from watching the movie.

1) Learning is not only done in schools.

2) Pay close attention to your children’s interests.

3) Learn to communicate with your children.

4) Life is a series of highs and lows.

5) Hard work and patience, whether as a mechanic or an office worker.

6) Never judge a book by its cover.

7) No profession is easy, passion and dedication to the job a great professional.

8) Just because your child performs poorly in school doesn’t mean he/she is dumb. Find that one thing he/she is good at and help develop it.

9) Life is a school, we learn every day.

10) Eat good food, you’ll need a full stomach to work well.

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