Happy Father’s Day to Nollywood Dad Characters

It’s another Father’s Day, the only day fathers all over the world are celebrated and appreciated for their hard work and for being good, generous and or just plain great at being a Dad.

There are messages everywhere already to the many Dads, while some are directed to deadbeat dads, irresponsible dads and runaway fathers, others are for the amazing, caring, loving, kind, present and awesome ones. Here at Bonggis, we created a list of the coolest character Dads in Nollywood. The list is in no particular order. So Leggo!

1) Taiwo Obileye- Chief Daddy: Nothing beats having a billionaire father who even after 2 or 3 wives and a few concubines still finds a way to gifts everyone something after his passing. Talk about a Dad that knows you must live largely. How cool does it get?

2) Patrick Doyle- Isoken: I’m sure we all love that Dad that loves, especially when it has to do with his daughter. That’s how Papa Isoken never seizes the opportunity to side with his baby girl even when his wife vehemently opposed her marrying a white dude. Awww, Daddy even drove her to go get her man and all, how romantic right? But wait o, can this happen in Naija?

3) RMD- Namaste Wahala: Having a serious Dad can be a bummer, especially one that already picked out your career path right from when you were still in diapers. A successful lawyer, Ernest didn’t usually see eye to eye with his daughter mainly because she decided to do charity work instead of working for the family firm and making loads of money. But when some people insulted and wanted to ruin his little girl, the Lion-natured and protective Dad appeared. No matter what,   Dads like these love their kids like kilode?

4) Ali Baba- Wedding Party: Have you ever visited a friend and you instantly fall in “like” with his/her Dad? Some Fathers just know how to be the life of the party, always in a happy and jolly mood. That’s how Engr. Bamidele Coker despite being broke, borrowed a huge sum to sponsor his daughter’s wedding and on top of that, he set the dance floor on fire, yeah, Daddy brought it. Dads don’t get any cooler than that.

5) Patrick Otoro- Halita: It’s an open secret that not all fathers are not rich, but despite being very poor, Dabot made sure to shower his daughter with Love, Care and to teach her Humility and Kindness. A Dad you can play with, gist and gossip with and go to the farm with, that’s a cool one. When you have a father who works hard and tries his best to provide for you, then you realise that money is not everything.

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