Bring Back Sugar Chops

It’s the era of web-series and Nollywood caught the bug a log time ago but it seemed I didn’t get the memo. For some time now, a friend has been harassing me (literally) to see a web series that “would blow” my mind. I typically don’t care much for web series that’s on YouTube, I prefer to go to the movies or just do a video on demand thingy. So, after a few days of her bugging me I decided to give it a try, what’s there to lose?

Sugar Chops turned out to be the most amazing comic series I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. The originality of the story is like drinking pap with milk and plenty sugar, yes, it’s that sweet. I could relate to the characters, the witty jokes here and there the banter and use of local slangs and lingua made it all fun to watch. I know you must be itching to know the plot, right? Hehehe, okay, I’ll stop stalling and get to it.

Sugar Chops

Sugar Chops follows the life of a 16-year-old girl Titi (chops) played by Ariyike  Olowolagba and her single mom, Ms B played by Bisola Aiyeola. The story revolves around their friendship, relationships, mischiefs and romance. I started watching it a few days ago and guess what? I’m hooked on the show. It’s highly addictive, once you start the series, you find that you can’t stop, you’ll eagerly await the next episode. Trust Bisola to bring it on, her character reminds me of the typical Naija mom who uses any given opportunity to show you that she’s the boss while rubbing it in your face. Ariyike on the other hand really blew my mind, she embodied her character, the mannerisms, attitude and lifestyle of a 21st century 16-year-old girl. She is a fantastic actress.

However, there’s a big issue, Sugar Chops stopped airing, episode four is the last one that aired and I’m wondering what happened. Fans of the hilarious series are asking questions, is it funding or production issues? I saw the trailer and it had scenes from episodes that are not out yet, so what’s the problem? The producer, Biodun Stephen should address this urgently because the show has massive fans and we all need answers. If you’ve not seen the series, I dare you to try it out and thank me later while we plead with Biodun Stephens to #bringbacksuagarchops

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