Abebi- Not your average girl child.

I don’t usually sit through Yoruba movie till the end but for some reason, I liked the particular one so I stuck with it till the end. I walked in on my wife watching a movie on her phone and she beckoned on me to join her, saying she saw the trailer and it looks interesting.

I got some and as the movie progressed, it got more and more interesting, at least that’s what I thought. Abebi, the title of the film is about a young girl of 10 played by Fisayo Amodemaja who was born into a family to help bring peace, wealth and protection, she was sent by God. First of all, what an unusual name for a child, second, Abebi is not the average 10-year-old, she’s wise and full of proverbs reminiscent of a sage.

She was able to thwart the plans of the evil witch Banke (Funke Etti) who is also the maid in the house from destroying her family. Her Dad Bamidele (Odunlade Adekola) had an affair with Banke and was caught by Abebi but with her wisdom, she didn’t spill the beans to her Mom known as Bola in the movie (Bimbo Oshin) who was constantly beaten up by her husband at any slightest provocation.

We got to find out at the end that Banke was out for vengeance after Bamidele impregnated her sister and cut off ties with her. That led to the lady committing suicide after being raped by some men and warned never to go near Bamidele again. Because of that, Banke became a witch just to destroy Bammy’s family.

Now here’s the confusing part for me, Abebi who’s supposed to be the protector of the family ended up dying in the movie. At a point, she sounded and acted helpless even though she had the powers to stop the evil in her home. That’s where I gave up on the plot, it didn’t sit well with me.

I was drawn to Fisayo’s character, that’s the first time in a long while I’ll see such great acting from a child actor. Fisayo owned the role and her interpretation was almost flawless. It was a delight watching her.

The picture quality was okay, could’ve been better though. Sound was good and for the first time I watched a Yoruba movie with a good subtitle, I’m sure those who are regulars will know exactly what I’m saying. It was refreshing to know that we can watch from start to finish without seeing terrible subtitles.

Have you seen the movie- Abebi?                                                                                

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