Who’s the Boss: a cliché of a typical Hollywood Romcom.

In my usual manner, I’d like to state that this is not a critique, it’s just me highlighting some of the things I observed about the movies I’ve seen. Today I’ll be talking about the film ‘Who’s the Boss?”.

First of all the movie has an impressive cast, a blend of icons in the industry, actors that have found their place as well as emerging faces that keeps pushing the boundaries of their craft.

The trailer left so much for us to imagine a film filled with romance, and pizzazz especially with the lineup of characters. Well, I must confess that after sitting through the over 60 minutes of watch time I could’ve sworn it was another Hollywood romcom ripoff.

Who's the Boss

The story trails the life of Liah played by Sharon Ooja who as an ad executive only wants to get ahead in her career. She’s constantly talked down by her boss Hauwa (Funke Akindele Bello) who also sabotages her promotion just because she was scared the girl was gunning for her job. Ini Dima-Okojie played the role of Ronke, the rich sometimes selfish and sometimes selfless friend who practically runs Liah’s life. Then there’s Lanre (Blossom Chukwujekwu), a retired tech millionaire turn actor playboy, it was an easy character for Blossom I say because he delivered to almost perfection. Of course, I expected nothing less, it’s Blossom.

The story gets a bit tiring with Liah’s inability to stand up to Hauwa and also seeking validation for her efforts as a great ad executive, this was major because Ronke had to always push and make all the decisions for her. I also struggled to find Ronke’s place in what seemed like a love triangle at first between Lanre, Liah and herself. It was difficult to understand her character fully, her story wasn’t all that to start with. At first, she was thought to be in love with Lanre that they almost got hitched, then he turned to her best friend and she was hysterical when she caught Liah and Lanre in bed. There was a time I thought Funke’s role was kind of stretched a bit but she got back her thunder.

After complaining about how unappreciated she was a d now Hauwa constantly makes her life a living her, Ronke had to step in. She helped Liah start her business on the side after much resistance from the latter and managed to convince Lanre to act as the company CEO, it was a no-brainer he and Liah would end up falling for each other. The last scene was dramatic yet refreshingly new in Nollywood. The emotions leading to the makeup kiss were as surreal as something from a mills and booms novel. I felt it.

The sound quality was not what I expected for a high-profile romcom, there were scenes with audible echoes in the background and that for me is a no-no. The lighting didn’t do much for me as I felt it could’ve been better, though the picture quality is simply amazing.

Overall, Who’s the Boss is an entertaining movie, one you should see on a Saturday with your lovey-dovey or crazy goofy friends.


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