5 Things to Learn from the movie- Atarodo.

I recently went out with some friends to hang and just chill, you know, let some steam off after a hard day at the office. One of them (Ufuoma) couldn’t stop talking about a movie she had seen and how it was so cool and all. At first, I didn’t even listen because Ufuoma is one of those that can hype a film that many would consider trash, yes, she’s that bad.

While talking about the movie, she mentioned one name that caught my attention, Bimbo Ademoye, that girl can act mehn. I had to ask for the movie title and she said it’s called Atarodo. So, when I got home that night, I watched the movie from start to finish without leaving my seat. Now, this is not a critique like I always say, I want to take a different approach this time.

Atarodo - bimbo ademoye

Here are 5 things to learn from the film Atarodo.

1) Not every girl that looks humble and has a pretty face is a saint.

2) You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

3) Have friends that’ll stick with you through think and thin.

4) Nothing stays hidden forever, secrets always find ways of being exposed. (Bimbo Ademoye and Jayke Robert)

5) Forgiveness is an expression of love. It frees you from the emotional prison you put yourself in.

6) It’s never right to hit a woman, it can lead to devastating consequences.

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