Opinion Post- Coming to America 2: A beautiful blend of the old and the new.

There’s a saying that if something is too good, don’t mess it up. It’s a usual saying associated with the film industry; when a movie is really good, don’t spoil it with a sequel. Well, I guess it’s too late for the movie- Coming to America.

I remember the 1988 comedy like it was yesterday, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall gave sterling performances with the different characters they portrayed. To date, it’s still a classic. Fast forward to 2021, the sequel has generated mixed reactions, while a lot of people fell in love with it (like my wife) others have a few observations that just didn’t make sense. Yeah, it’s me.

Coming to America 2 has a rich blend of the old and the new. It was refreshing to know that almost all the cast from the first movie made it on to the second. The plot had a nice tweak to it but it became somewhat predictable yet entertaining towards the middle of the film. Akeem is living with his beautiful wife Lisa and they have three lovely daughters. Life was going smooth then boom, his father King Jaffe Joffer on his deathbed revealed that Akeem has a long lost son back in Queens.

It turns out the Prince had relations with some random stranger the night he and Semi went looking for his bride at the club 30 years ago. All thanks to Semi who orchestrated the whole thing, simply because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Typical Semi. So, after the passing of his father, Akeem, now King, journeyed to Queens in search of his son, why? Because he must have a male heir; neglecting the fact that his first daughter had trained and prepared to succeed him all her life.

Talking about the death of the King, it was amazing. The dude witnessed his funeral, and they spared no expense in making it a grand one, after all, he asked for it. He died during the celebration with a satisfied smile plastered on his lips. Wouldn’t it be cool to go like that? Just thinking…

So, after the return of the “Bastard” son, Lavelle Junson, he finally passes the Princely test only so Akeem can have him marry General Izzy’s daughter just because he’s afraid of going to war with him. I must confess that Wesley Snipes brought his A-game in his portrayal of General Izzi, dude was on fire.

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Lavelle followed his Dad’s footstep, falling for someone else and we witnessed history repeating itself.

The first thing I noticed is the old folks at the barbershop back in Queens hadn’t aged much, hold up, they’re supposed to be dead, I think. It’s been thirty years for Pete’s sake. Everyone in the first movie got old except those old guys, it’s like the director didn’t think that through. Jeez!

Another thing that I found annoying was his son’s faceoff with the lion. Do all cats eat cat food? Just curious, we’re talking about a lion here. Common!

Asides from these mentioned it’s a pretty awesome film. The star-studded cast wowed me, from Tracy Morgan to Rotimi, Leslie Jones, Trevor Noah, Morgan Freeman and host of others, they all did well. Guess what, Davido was in it too, he had a passing role though but he sure made an impact with the song, Assurance. Coming to America 2 is a great movie, but don’t take my word for it, go see it for yourself.

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