Funny Nollywood Comedy Titles

When it comes to movies, the name/title plays an important role. The title of a film says a lot about it and would most probably be a deciding factor if it’ll be a hit or not. While some movie titles are cool, others are just plain hilarious. Let’s take a look at some old Nollywood comedies with funny titles.

1) Spanner: No it’s not an engineering tool, it’s a man’s name. Hilarious right? That’s what Chinedu Ikedieze brought to the movie- funny vibes. It also features Oge Okoye, Earnest Obi and others.

2) Yogo Pam Pam: When you have a blend of comedic geniuses like Okey Bakassi and Nkem Owoh, the result is Yogo Pam Pam.

3) Sawam: The name is enough to get you laughing. That’s what a movie that features Nkem Owoh and Chiwetalu Agu does to you.

4) Atinga: One of the most hilarious movies in Nollywood, Sam Loco Efe and Nkem Owoh got us cracking our ribs on this one.


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