I recently saw a movie, one that has got a lot of people talking and might I add that most of the response towards the film, well, let’s just say it wasn’t what everyone expected. This is not a review, I’m simply stating a few things I observed when I watched the movie. I’m talking about Namaste Wahala.

First of all, I’ll say the trailer of Namaste Wahala was well thought out, it created the buzz that got people anxiously anticipating the release. Yes, it was that good. It was so good that I almost believed the movie would be great, but I failed to heed the number one rule of movie marketing- never judge a film by it’s a trailer, silly me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the movie is all bad, there are some things that I find interesting.

The storyline was sort of cliché, two people from totally different backgrounds fall in love and their parents oppose the union. Typical right? We’ve seen this play out in a lot of flicks, but again, what made the difference here is that the lovebirds are from two opposites, a Nigerian and an Indian. Is it just me or does anyone think the opening scene was kind of weird, they bumped into each other at the beach and that was it, boom- love at first sight, hmmm. Na wa o.

To cut the gist short, what threw me off my seat was the music, I mean, did they really have to make them sing? That’s like low-class Bollywood right there. And don’t get me started on the choreography, it was basic and uninteresting. Broda Shaggy was another disaster, as usual, the guy over-acted his role, it made it seem unreal and just plain annoying. There are things I like about the film though, the sound was great, the picture quality was amazing. Ini Dima Okojie gave a sterling performance, Ajoke Silva was good, no surprises there. RMD did well for an Igbo man too.

Like I said earlier, this is not a review, I noticed a few things and thought to share with you guys. Who else has seen Namaste Wahala? What’s your take on it?

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