Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed a trend that got people excited. Social media was ringing with the gist and almost everyone was talking about it. What is it, or should I ask who is it? Well, it’s none other than one of Nollywood’s sensational actors, Jim Iyke.

Jim Iyke has been in the movie scene for more than a decades, his consistency in the industry is worthy of note as some of his contemporaries have abandoned the make-believe sector. Twitter and Instagram came alive with old videos of the veteran actor playing roles that endeared him to Nigerians, he’s said to be the undisputed bad boy in Nollywood and that nobody does it better than him. When Jim plays a character he owns it, the interpretation is somewhat flawless. It is assumed that till date no actor has been able to match Jim’s bad boy portrayals. Whether he’s lover boy, a leader of a deadly gang, a junkie or a spoilt rich kid, he embodies the characters as if that’s his actual personality- this is what makes him the best as a lot of people have said.

With time Jim gradually phased out of playing bad boy roles, at least not that much. He recently featured in AY’s groundbreaking film, Merry Men- the real Yoruba demons where he once again played a role similar to that of a bad boy but he ended up falling for the sister of his best friend. That didn’t go well at first but they found a way around it. Here are a few things about Jim you may not know about him. He has a production company called Untamed Production which he floated in 2007 and he’s also a singer and songwriter. He released his album in 2009 titled “Who am I” under his Untamed Records label. The album featured Nigeria’s finest in the music industry. Jim Iyke also holds a black belt in Taekwondo, yes, he’s skilled in martial arts.

Here is a video of Jim doing his thing.


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