Educative Piece: Entertainment and Mobile Devices.

As humans entertainment is part of our core existence, while some are built to entertain, others just want to be at the receiving end- enjoying the show. Over the years the medium through which people get entertained has undergone several changes, from stage plays to musical operas, to moving entertiners going from city to city and finally to radio and television. It has been a journey for entertainers and the entertained.

Throughout the metamorphosis of the industry, there has always been one major factor that impacted and continues to impact the way everything and everyone involved in the sector that makes us relax and have fun- technology. Technology is responsible for birthing innovative ideas regarding the convenience in access to entertainment. Centuries ago, one could only be entertained at certain locations and was seen as something for the elites. With the advent of moving theatre groups and circuses one could get live action up close and it was accessible to whoever could afford it.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, we’ve witnessed a transformation from watching people do music, movies and other forms of entertainment in small (and sometimes large) electronic boxes to smaller screens that we carry around in our pockets- mobile devices. Mobile phones were and still is a welcomed disruption that changed the way entertainment is created and distributed, technology plays a major role here.

With the release of smart phones, listening to a collection of RnB songs or streaming that favourite show is just at the press of a button; all at our fingertips. People no longer bother that much to sit at home or even go to the movies to access quality entertainment, they get what they want on the go. Practitioners in the industry now create content that are mobile friendly because almost half of their target audience will consume such content on their mobile devices. Advertisers as well are more intuned with the present reality so they make ads that are optimized for mobile because content in today’s modern/jet age world is consumed by people who are constantly on the move.

On the bus, in the car, in school, church, at the grocery store and even at home, almost everyone (Millennials) is hooked up on one mobile device or the other. It’s known as the second screen. People now watch whole length movies on their phones wherever they are. Millennials even download complete series and binge watch all on their phones, some say it’s convenient and easily accessible anytime, other say they just love to have their favourite shows at hand while the rest don’t have time to sit at home and watch or visit the cinemas. It is worthy of note that not everybody enjoys watching movies on their phones, many believe they won’t get true satisfaction from a small screen. They rather go to the movies or watch from a 50′ TV set, whatever the case, it’s clear that the impact of mobile devices on entertainment is huge and doesn’t seem to be dwindling, it’s a lifestyle that has come to stay.

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