Citation is a great movie and may just be Kunle Afolayan’s best-told story yet.

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A Netflix original, Citation is a film about sexual harassment captured in the university and it’s said to be based on true events.

Though the narrative is one widely known to happen as there have been reports and documentaries on the issue, however, this provides a broad West African view through the film for the rest of the world to see. In West Africa, the issue of rape and sexual abuse is common. It is a menace that needs to be tackled seriously, the victims, largely made up of women are mostly criticised for allowing themselves be in such situations that would warrant them being raped. This is influenced by culture and the environment where rape is often regarded as the victim’s fault. Kunle Afolayan in this film was able to stir the conversations surrounding sexual assault/harassment again, this time through a compelling story.

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Citation follows the story of Moremi Oluwa (Temi Otedola), a young and intelligent master’s student at the university who accused her lecturer Professor Lucien N’Dyare (Jimmy Jean Louis) of sexual assault. It was a tough one for Moremi as she was seen as someone trying to tarnish the image of Professor N’Dyare, a celebrated African scholar from Senegal who was adored by both students and colleagues. The accusation led to the University authorities constituting a tribunal to investigate the allegation. The tribunal listened to testimonies from the accused, accuser and other witnesses.

Kunle employs the use of flashbacks to establish the plot of the film and we saw this at the opening scene. Every flashback was timely and accurate in detailing the story.

Talking about the cast, Temi Otedola did an impressive work for her debut as an actress. One would think she’s had a bit of experience, albeit, considering the likes of Joke Silva, Ini Edo and Gabriel Afolayan her costars in the project, Temi’s performance though not completely awesome, she managed to hold her own. Ibukun Awosika was a marvel to watch, she could’ve fooled me to believe that she’s been doing this for years. I also believe her appearance in the film was well thought out.

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Kunle Afolayan gave us a fine film, the cinematography is super amazing. As a Pan Africanist, Kunle made sure to depict it in his films and Citation is not left out. The shots in Obafemi Awolowo University, tourist shots of Senegal and Cape Verde drew the audience to bask in the aesthetics and overall beauty of the locations, sure to capture international appeal. Close up shots of characters was creatively done, especially the focus on Temi, her expressions were perfectly captured. Sound as usual in a KAP film is topnotch.

Citation has a slow feel to it, perhaps done on purpose to carefully tell the story and not deviate from the message. Overall, Citation is a great movie and may just be Kunle Afolayan‘s best-told story yet.



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