Mo Abudu’s Òlòtūré Making Waves Globally

The partnership between Netflix and EbonyLife Productions seems to yield a lot of fruits. Òlòtūré, a Netflix original in collaboration with Mo Abudu’s media house is currently receiving massive reviews all over the world, and positive ones at that.

Òlòtūré was released on the streaming platform on the 2nd of October and within a space of twenty-four hours, climbed to the number one position in Nigeria and a few other countries. This showed the impact the film has on not just Nigerians but on a global audience. On Monday, the 5th of October, Òlòtūré clinched a spot on Netflix global top 10 movies, meaning that the film was streamed in over 80 countries.

Surprisingly, on Sunday, 4th of October, Òlòtūré was on top-10 status in fifteen countries including France, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

The film has an impressive cast that featured a blend of the old and new Nollywood, and it reflected in the quality of acting. The story is one of significance, breaking social and ethnic barriers as it speaks to a wider audience because it portrayed the challenges faced by African women being exploited and peddled as sex workers. The impact of Òlòtūré is incredibly impressive, within the first few days of its release, social media was agog with encouraging remarks and reviews, its a film that touches the heart.

EbonyLife Founder and Executive producer of the movie, Mo Abudu, said Òlòtūré was not made for commercial reasons. “We made Òlòtūré highlight an issue that affects African women but we had no idea of the impact it would have around the world. Clearly, the themes resonate with a global audience and people identify with the plight of exploited women everywhere. I hope this reaction inspires Nigerian filmmakers to tell more stories that depict our society’s challenges, even as we highlight our successes.”

Òlòtūré tells the story of a young Nigerian journalist who went undercover to expose the ugly underworld of human trafficking. In her quest to uncover those behind the shady business, she finds herself on a cliff, about to fall with no rescue in sight.


The film stars Sharon Ooja, Omoni Oboli, Beverly Osu, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Omowunmi Dada, Omawunmi Megbele, Segun Arinze, Wofai Fada, Sambasa Nzeribe, Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju, Pearl Okorie, David Jones David, Ikechukwu Onanaku and Bukola Oladipupo. It was directed by Kenneth Gyang.

Honourary mention: Beverly Osu gave a sterling performance in Òlòtūré. Through her appearance, she didn’t utter a single word, but her facial expression and body language were on point so much so that we understood every action she took. Now that’s acting.

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