BBN Season 5 Housemates sure to do well in Nollywood

So the Big Brother Naija season 5 is done and dusted, but the lockdown edition will go down as one of the most dramatic. Housemates thrilled us with extra doses of hyperactive drama scenes as well as hilarious moments.

It’s said by fans that a few of the housemates didn’t reveal their true selves, rather, they acted a script the whole 10 weeks. Whether that’s possible, we’ll leave that to you; but let’s take a look at some of the housemates that might just have a career in Nollywood for real.

1) Ozo: This handsome guy has all the traits of a lover boy that will clearly give the likes of Alex Ekubo and Kenneth Okoli a run for the money in Nollywood. He’s suave and charming ways come off as something that will get the ladies weak in the knees and not forgetting his love lines. (We all can attest to this, at least Nengi can)

2) Nengi: Nengi seems like she’ll do great in the make-believe industry. Her sweet and girl next door demeanor is something movie enthusiasts find attractive. It doesn’t also hurt that she’s beautiful and would be a perfect love interest in a rom-com.

3) Laycon: He has this underdog feel to him, someone that nobody believes in but eventually rises up as a result of being molded by each challenge faces to become the most celebrated individual in a film. Laycon can also look like someone that will pull off a gangster boss role perfectly. With the likes of Reminisce as Makanaki in King of Boys, Laycon should be able to play that kind of role without breaking a sweat. And yes, there’s something about his eyes, just something.

4) Erica: This is a no brainer, she’s been in a few low key flicks before partaking in BBN. Erica has a likable streak to her, it helps that she’s also gorgeous. She’s that girl you’d love to take home to mama and Introduce as ‘our wife’. Indeed, she also can pull off a nasty and spoilt brat with emotional and daddy issues roles. It’s certain we’ll see more of her in Nollywood, no doubt.

5) Neo: Okay, you know how a group of friends hang out a lot and there’s that one friend that’s the life of the party? Yep, that’s Neo. The energy he radiates is contagious, he should be able to pull off a comic role as well, based on his Warri connect that is. Neo’s physique as well as a plus, maybe, just maybe another Chidi Mokeme (or even better) is in the making.

6) Brighto: Brighto’s listening ear and ever ready pills of advice earned him the nickname Lord Baelish, from the epic fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Taking on a dual personality role should be a breeze for him. Nollywood ought to welcome Brighto with open arms and he most likely won’t disappoint.

7) Tolanibaj: One of the few housemates who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind without mincing words. Tolanibaj would definitely fit into the no-nonsense girl roles similar to that of Tonto Dike and probably a Mercy Johnson. For those that don’t know, Tolanibaj has a YouTube channel where she shares her life journey and the latest happenings. Producers should not rule her out, she might just be the next creative asset in the industry.

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