The Remake of Rattle Snake- The Armadas.

These are exciting times in Nollywood, we are witnessing a new wave of iconic movies. Reviving old classics and turning them into blockbuster movies. This new trend is being championed by Charles Okpaleke. Charles secured the rights to Living in Bondage and gave us a breathtaking sequel of the 1992 classic which was directed by Ramsey Nouah- the movie made over N140 million at the box office.

Following the success of 2019’s Living in Bondage- Breaking Free, five years after acquiring the rights, Charles Opkaleke’s Play Network have yet again secured the rights to create the sequel of yet another Nollywood classic- Rattle Snake. Slated to hit the cinemas in November of 2020, Rattle Snake- The Armadas will be a reality. Teaming up with director Ramsey Nouah again on this one, it’s anticipated that the movie will be another box office bombshell when it is released.

Charles announced the remake of the movie via his Instagram handle in March, and lovers of the film, (especially those born in the 90s) have been talking about it and excitedly awaiting the release date. Rattle Snake follows the life of a young boy who turned to a life of crime after a series of sad events, read the previous post about the story here.

The poster for the movie was recently released and it got a lot of fans hyped, especially with the line up of cast. Though roles haven’t been announced yet, social media is already abuzz on who’s playing who in the film. Rattle Snake- The Armadas has an impressive cast made up of faces in new Nollywood, from the regulars such as Osas Ighodaro, Efe Iwera, Stan Nze, to emerging talents like Emeka Nwagbaraocha, Tobi Bakre and more.

This trend is indeed set to revolutionize Nollywood, combining the old yet powerful themed stories with modern-day film production gadgets. It’s clear that the duo of Charles Opkaleke and Ramsey Nouah is all out to make magic and serve it hot; they have also acquired the rights to other classics- Glamour Girls and Nneka the Pretty Serpent which are already in the works for a remake. Though the release dates have not been announced yet, a lot of people have shared their expectations online. What will the storyline be, will the plot live up to the old one, are the action scenes going to be explosive and thrilling enough, what about locations, will there explore new places? These and more are the questions on everybody’s minds. The fillers circulating the industry is that Charles and Ramsey didn’t disappoint in Living in Bondage- Breaking Free, it’s almost certain, they won’t disappoint with Rattle Snake- The Armad

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