My Top 5 Nigerian Lockdown Television Series

The global coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm and to avoid the spread of the dreaded virus, several nations had no choice than to order lockdown of cities and in some cases, the whole country. Nigeria was not spared.


The lockdown presented an opportunity for families to bond and rekindle lost love as well. We’re witnessing an upsurge in entertainment activities at home by individuals and loved ones together, all in a bid to weather the storm of Covid-19 while keeping safe. One of such entertainment activities was an increase in viewership of series, cable television and online Video on Demand that platforms have recorded immense ratings on their top television series.


It’s quite interesting for me though, as someone that doesn’t really care much for Nigerian drama series, this lockdown has got me loving a few. From 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm weekdays, I and my family are always glued to the TV set, excitedly taking in the various amazing series and talking about them afterwards. This has brought us closer, I’m indeed grateful. Hehehe. I’m also sure you guys are experiencing similar as well. So here are the drama series that’s keeping us entertained this period.

1) My Flatmates

2) The Johnsons

3) Halita

4) My Siblings and I

5) Battleground


Honourary Mentions:

1) Money Heist kept a lot of us completely in awe. I bet many of you didn’t think a Spanish series would hold you spellbound the way “Casa De Papel” has done. This crime series is simply and utterly awesome, from season one you’re thrown into this world of suspense and mindblowing action. If you’ve not checked it out, you’re definitely missing out.


2) So a friend of mine suggested this series to me, she said it was going to blow me away and it sure did. YOU is another Netflix original and if you’re a fan of Intelligent yet suspense-driven thrillers, then this is for you. Go check it out and thank me later.


This is how most of us are getting through the lockdown and staying entertained even as we stand together in the fight against Covid-19. Why don’t you share your top lockdown drama series in the comments, let’s see what you’ve been watching? Remember, keep sa



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