If you’re a fan of WWF/WWE then get in here. I can’t claim to be a fan though, but WWF was real entertainment for me while growing up. Back in the days, the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Andrew the Giant, Brave Heart, Shawn Michaels and the likes made wrestling fun and exciting to watch.

Well, that’s me, this article is not about that. It’s about the new crop (well not so new though) of wrestlers who believe it or not, after conquering the ring, are doing the same in the movie space.

There are quite a few World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers who have made a switch to the movies or have managed to handle both but not all have been successful. Here’s a shortlist of those I consider successful A-list WWE wrestlers turned actors in no particular order.



1) Dwane Johnson (The Rock): This dude right here has almost done it all, the American-Canadian is one of the most successful entertainers. A retired professional wrestler, The Rock was once a professional football player before he ventured into the WWE. He’s a renowned actor, producer and businessman. Well known for his roles in movies such as Hercules, The Scorpion King, Tooth Fairy, Sky Scrapper, Moana, Jumanji, Fast and Furious franchise, Hobbs and Shaw among many others. The Rock retired from WWF of which he was very active in for eight years. He has since made a name for himself as a great actor in Hollywood.

2) David Michael Bautista Jr. (Dave Bautista): Another favorite both on the ring and on-screen, Bautista is a delight to watch. The heavily built 51-year-old retired as a professional wrestler on April 8, 2019. Before then he was juggling between being in the ring and managing a successful career as an actor. One of the few on this list who is a mixed martial artist and a bodybuilder (Arnold Schwarzenegger the 2nd). Bautista has quite an array of interesting movie features where he displayed his acting prowess as well as martial arts skills. He’s been in movies such as Spectre (A James Bond Flick), Guardians of the Galaxy, Riddick, The Man with the Iron Fist, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, My Spy and other movies.

3) John Felix Anthony Cena Jr (John Cena): Okay, if you want to date his daughter better think twice. John Cena is that guy that threatens you with just one look. Hehehehe. You just have to love John, this American 43-year-old is a professional wrestler, Television presenter, actor and rapper. Yes, you read right, John Cena is a rapper. He’s the only one on the list still with the WWE on a part-time contract. John has starred in a couple of movies, they include; Trainwreck, The Marine, Bumblebee and Ferdinand.

There is, my top wrestlers turned actors. Do you agree with the list, drop a line or two in the comments, let’s talk.


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