MUNA: Not Deep Enough


By Jumande Raji

Directed by Kevin NkemNwankwor

Cast: AdesuaEtomi-Wellington, OnyekaOnwenu, Adam Huss, Robert Miano, Michael Cavalieri, Massa Furlan, Steve Wilder, Miles Cranford, Mayling Ng, Folarin “Falz” Falana, Ikpomwosa Gold, etc.

This movie was typically not a “Nigerian” story, the beginning starts off all cultural and sentimental and then it turns into a foreign action film. However, Muna stands out for a number of reasons, and when the teasers for this movie came out, it caught everyone’s attention with the fitness shots and fight sequences and I for one could wait to see what it built up to.

The story follows the life of a young girl called Muna, who had big dreams of leaving the small village she lived in with her grandmother and going to America to start a new life and make enough money to be able to take care of her grandmother’s failing health. She goes against her grandmother’s wishes and connives with the man who helps other girls get out. Only for her to get out and realize it was all a scam and they were being trafficked. She manages to escape and gets to foreign lands, and meets some help in her quest to take revenge on the men who robbed her of her home and she makes that her life mission until love finds her in unexpected places.

I don’t know if this movie was meant to be a Nollywood movie because most of the actors were not Nigerian and the major part of the movie wasn’t shot in Nigeria either, nice collaboration though. The beginning which was meant to be the reason why Muna became the Muna who sought revenge, was a bit flat, beautiful acting by the young girl and of course OnyekaOnwenubut the dialogues were pretty basic and didn’t build enough emotions for the audience to see reasons why Muna wanted revenge soo badly.

Adesua Etomi was beautiful in this movie because it is very different from most of the movies that we have with mediocre fight sequences, she had the face, the body and the moves to make this movie interesting in that way. However, her portrayal of emotions in this movie was a bit shallow as we struggled to really connect with the character most of the time. We couldn’t understand her drive, we couldn’t really feel her passion, the love part was more believable though.

I also feel like there were gaps somewhere because I watched the movie from beginning to end and yet I felt like there were things I missed out. There were also a lot of coincidences that made us shout “nawa o”. Like how her boyfriend Lawyer Tony, just happened to be Varrick’s son, of all the million people in the world, it’s easier for the story definitely but it just made me feel like something was missing.

The picture and cinematography were good, we had beautiful scenes all through and that was very pleasant to the eyes. Sound was good as well, even set choices and soundtracks were good. But the aspect this movie stood out most for was the fight sequence and choreography and they really did do a good job.

This movie would have been great because of how different it was from the norm, also all the international collaborations but for the few quirks here and there. Overall, though, it was enjoyable to watch.


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