By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Kayode Kasum

Starring: Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, Bisola Aiyeola, Bimbo Ademoye, Idowu Philips, Omoni Oboli, Tobi Bakre, Jide Kosoko, Uzor Arukwe, Lateef Adedimeji, Toke Makinwa, Banky Wellington, Mawuli Gavor, Williams Uchemba.

Duration: 83mins


Warning: This Kayode Kasum directed and Jade Osiberu produced movie is sweet like sugar and potentially hazardous on a future scale.


In ‘Sugar Rush’, the Sugar Sisters, Susan aka. Sussie (Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington), Sola (Bisola Aiyelola), and Bola (Bimbo Ademoye) are in big trouble. The Financial Crimes Commission, as well as various mob bosses, come after them just after Sussie and Sola abscond with some $800,000 they found at a shoot-out scene. How the officers of the commission that were on the lookout outside didn’t hear this happen is a wonder. Also, how a shoot-out happened in a residential area without anyone hearing it is also a wonder.

Anyway, the girls then began to live lavishly off the money before encountering the strong, vicious or sometimes funny characters that come after them.

Sugar rush movie review

It is established that one particular reason these girls need money was to take care of their Cancer-stricken mother (Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow) but that didn’t ring true as their main priority later on, but let’s just leave that there.

The movie somewhat served as a laugh-fest with very little to call on a film. Some scenes were way too long and badly edited. Chief of them was the scene where Bola found her sisters with the money for the first time. There was no reason why that scene lasted as long as it did. Furthermore, there was no reason for the many intercuts of the girls trying to spend money while returning to the same scene. That was visual horror after the whole ten or more minutes.

The money the girls stole and the amount they spent was just ridiculous as compared to what they had spent on. The weight of money wasn’t properly considered obviously. Making it seem like the script was hurriedly written or this particular money thing was a decision made during the shoot.

Make no mistake, I say again, this movie is funny. Every character was funny in their own way. The problem is that the funny blindsided many as it was with some other movies in the past where other techniques, other than the funny, were used to keep us away from the loopholes or mistakes. The loopholes later became too glaring to contain. Many people caught them while the movie was ongoing. A couple of people groaned endlessly, amidst laughter, at what they considered major fallacies.

Some of the major issues with the third act of this movie are the supposed surprises. For instance, Anikulapo (Banky Wellington) should have been introduced way earlier. Or atleast hinted at before appearing. His importance? He was responsible for the Sugar girls’ father’s demise. How dare you not talk about him earlier? It would have given more power to his eventual appearance and the fact that the girls have to go head to head with him. His appearance became less than strong when his name was mentioned too late with a backstory exposition via dialogue.

Anikulapo’s henchman being alone and attempting to murder and burn Sussie and Dan (Mawuli Gavor) at the break of dawn while he was instructed at what seems like night is a bad lapse and seems contrived (considering what happened next) or it was just a production handicap moment.

I like the scene where the sisters chased Andy (Tobi Bakre) through the streets for the bag of money after he had stolen it. It was well-done and culminated in a fine climax.

The cinematography was nicely done. Sound wasn’t terrible. It did have its issues here and there. The acting also found its place. Seeing the three lead actresses together lifted desire and though not their best performances, they did right by us. The most key thing is how they complemented one another and that is key to the movie’s recent success at the box office.

Sugar rush ended badly. The end bit was flat. For all the huff and puffs that the story seemed to have gone through, the flat end did no justice at all to the characters. We can explain the unreal situations away on the altar of comedy but the truth is that Sugar rush is somewhat unimpressive as a film. But as a funny piece… not a problem. Just watch without thinking too much, laugh and purge later.



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