By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Kevin Nkem Nwakwor

Starring: Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Adam Huss, Robert Miano, Onyeka Onwenu, Gold Ikpomwosa, Onyeka Onwenu, Folarin Falana (Falz).

Duration: 83mins


Having seen the trailer of this movie, the expectations were going to go either way. Low expectations for the previous underwhelming productions of the same nature that I’ve seen in the past and a bit high because maybe, just maybe, Adesua and company would come up with something different seeing that we were tired of what had been previously produced by others.

The case against Adesua Etomi was always going to be stacked though. The trailer for ‘The Set-Up’ movie was a set up in itself, only without the commensurate pay-off. Fortunately or unfortunately, same thing as set to happen with this movie. I’ll probably just be a cynic when it comes to this kind of films from now on.

Muna is shot both in Nigeria and the USA. The Nigerian bit had every bit of the Nigerian DNA while the American bit was every way low budget American. Funny enough, the moment the movie switched from Muna being little and in Nigeria to Muna all grown up and abroad, the problems the movie experienced really then started.


Acting was not as bad as the leads. Adesua Etomi playing Muna and Adam Huss playing her love interest, Tony, did well, but they did suffer and stutter intermittently due to the quality of the others on display. The portion where Muna met Tony at a bar was a bit of a letdown. It was too direct and unnatural a scene and that in itself was a problem. How can one walk into a bar in all of the forms of a disguise and just walk up to the target? It makes no sense.

There were also many other issues that led to problems in this movie. For instance, the point where Muna hijacked a taxi was absolutely unnecessary and contrived. There was no reason. And even when later on, the filmmakers tried to use it, it didn’t rule out that the scene never made sense.

This movie lied with its trailer and didn’t deliver the supposed tricks and thrills it offered in there. Muna didn’t use those sweet skills displayed. The sword moves in her training were not used for anything. It was just training. Eye candy to leave us salivating and get us to the cinemas.

Editing was also weak. A lot of it was cringe-worthy with disjointed portions of the movie rife. Sound was bad and the soundtrack was worse. Dialogue was mighty corny and sometimes vague. There were times that they sounded great but few and far between.


Muna delivered manageable action. A bit better than many others I’ve seen in the same category but it stood at still passable. I find it difficult to agree with the decision of the writer or director as regards some of the protagonist’s choices though. Some of them were just unbecoming.

I think the number one problem with this movie is the haphazard nature of its own creation. A lot of it comes across as inorganic. Many things were not followed through as they should have, therefore there was really nothing deep about the movie. The audience could tell.


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