LOVE IS WAR Far Fetched but Fun


By JumandeRaji

Mrs. Hankuyi Phillip is a politician and an advocate for women’s rights and she gets handpicked to become the next governor of Ondo state, her husband’s state. After much deliberation, she accepts the offer and goes into the game but in the process, steps on a lot of toes and so many people want to make sure she fails. These people then instigate her husband to run against her as a ploy to weaken her stand and his wife encourages him to run. They don’t realize the game is a dirty one and before long, all hell breaks loose and even their marriage is on the verge of breaking.

This story is one that is very out of the box and unconventional but I feel in trying to the different, they overstressed our disbelief and got to a point where the story really became unrealistic. The story is very un-African, and there are so many things that were portrayed which I doubt would be obtainable anywhere.

I loved the combination of RMD and OmoniOboli, they are both so excited to watch and I must say they each carried their roles well and the chemistry and bond were so sweet. The acting in this movie generally was great, they had a lot of seasoned actors and everyone played their part well.

The major issue this movie had, was with the story, in trying so hard to put out something different, they went a lot off track. So, at the beginning of the movie we see Mrs. Hankuyi Phillips, talk about discrimination in the political circle and how she had to leave to start up her own party to support women in politics, and somehow when she gets offered the governorship, there is no mention of this part or group that was created and I wonder why.

During the course of the movie, her husband, the opposition party, finds out that his wive’s ideals and values are not going to be the best in the long run for the state and decides to actively campaign against her. However, despite all the supposedly bad ideas, no one says anything about that anymore and she wins. Are they trying to say that the “bad guy” won at the end of the day, without addressing those issues raised?Did love miraculously erase those issues? Who knows?

The movie had very beautiful picture quality, the costuming, makeup and set choices were also beautifully selected. Sound was great as well and I liked the song choices throughout the movie. If I did not have to critically asses this movie, I may have just sat down and overlooked all the shortcomings but I couldn’t.

The movie is interesting to watch, do not get me wrong but the story is flawed and if you are looking for a well-rounded movie, this is not it but it certainly has some great acting.



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