I develop my ideas in the Bathroom – Funke Akindele Bello

Refreshing interview by Jenifa Funke Akindele Bello on this and that…….
A lot of people want to go into the Industry and look up to you, what do you think they have to possess in order to succeed?

First, you have to be sure you have the talent. You can’t force talent or do something because someone else is doing it. You can learn how to act for sure but you must be willing to learn. Then stay focused. You must be patient and enduring. You have to work hard. Do not be distracted. You have to be well branded. Listen to correction and grow organically. I did Screen Divas with EbonyLife TV some years ago and now I am directing a movie with the same EbonyLife TV. It is called organic growth.

So, when is your creativity normally at its peak?

I draw inspiration from things happening around me. I could get an idea and when I am in the bathroom taking a shower, I develop it. Later on, maybe, during a massage, I could give the concept a deeper thought.
In as much as you claim to love cooking, how often do you find time to cook?
I still cooked last night but I don’t cook every morning because of my busy schedule. I cook every time I am free and have nothing on my plate.

What is your special dish?

I love cooking vegetable soup (efo riro) very well and I either eat it with eba or fufu. I also cook fresh fish stew and Ogbono soup. I can cook anything ranging from beans to Amala and I cook well.

Do you agree with people that call you a workaholic?

Yes, I am. It is very bad but I think it is time to take a break from work.

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