My Top 5 List of Movies to Watch this Christmas

The year is fast drawing to a close and the holidays will be upon very soon. The air is filled with that dryness that comes with only one feeling, Christmas is coming and we’re so excited.

Christmas is a time mostly spent with loved ones. The food, the games, the shopping and yes, movie time. I bet you’re already thinking which films to go see at the cinemas or just chill at home and watch this holiday season? Not to worry, I got you covered; as always. Without boring you with many talks, I know y’all must be itching for me to get o. Alright, alright, let’s go there.

1. The Herbert Macaulay Affair: Nigerians generally don’t know much about their history (this is no shade I, it’s true) and many find it lazy to study about the great men that fought for their motherland to gain freedom from her colonial masters. Imoh Umoren did a fantastic one on this. The film as the name implies explores the life of Nigeria’s most important personality, the father of Nigerian Nationalism. HMA is a must watch this season, it’s simply a well-crafted masterpiece.

2. Bling Lagosians: Despite opening at the cinemas in the second quarter of the year, this movie has not only made millions at the box office, but it’s also still a delight to watch. I’ll still recommend it for viewing this Christmas. Watch how the high and mighty in Lagos play and party hard, it’ll blow your mind.

The merry men 2

3. Merry Men 2: This is one movie that a lot of us (movie nerds) are eagerly anticipating. The original was awesome, having grossed a total of 228 million naira, there’s no doubt the sequel will beat that record. Have you seen the trailer? It gives a taste of what to expect and boy are we in for a treat. Guess what, rapper Olamide even made a cameo on this one. Scheduled for release on the 20th of this month, so get ready people for an awesome movie experience.

4. Living in Bondage 2 (Breaking Free): If you’ve seen the first part you’ll most likely be pumped with excitement to see the sequel. Said to be the movie that officially birthed Nollywood, part 2 promises to be even more intense and suspense-filled with a large dose of drama. And to make it even more fabulous, it’s directed by Ramsey Nouah, his directorial debut. Now you definitely want to go see this film.

5. The Set-Up: If you’re a lover of suspense-filled movies then Merry Christmas to you on this one. With a lot of twists and turns to keep you at the edge of your seat, this film will ignite a love for Nollywood again you thought you once lost. Although released in August this year, this is one movie you must watch, and trust me, you won’t regret it.



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