MADE IN HEAVEN: Love in the Afterlife


By JumandeRaji

Directed by TokaMcbaror

Starring: Blossom Chukwujekwu, UcheNwaefuna, Nancy Isime, Richard MofeDamijo, Toyin Abraham, JideKosoko, Kemen, Ayo Makun, LasisiElenu, and others.

Richard, A cap-wearing gentle and fun-loving young man, who has been taken advantage of for most of his adult life, becomes a witness to a crime and is killed. He proceeds to the afterlife and while awaiting judgment, he has the most amazing encounter of his life with the girl of his dreams, Angela, they get talking and realize they had both been in a series of bad relationships while they were alive. However, since they are both dead, there seems to be nothing he can do about it. but in the middle of their getting to know each other better conversation, she is told that it isn’t her time yet and she has to go back. Richard decides to escape too and go back to find her because he believes she is his true love but there are obstacles he must face.

The movie is a romantic comedy and actually had a fair dose of romance and comedy. It breaks the norm and gives us something that is very out of the box with a little nostalgic blend of some elements that used to be in our older Nollywood movies. We had shape-shifting demons and guardian angels, and epic battles.

Now to the meat of the gist, I actually enjoyed the acting for many of the actors. RMD who played the devil and threw out words like “infinite imbecilic syndrome” was actually great in his character, devil with swag. Blossom was great in his role as semi-Mumu lover boy turned daredevil, lol. Uche playing Angela was so beautiful, the girl is so fine, sometimes it’s hard to find any flaws. AY and Lasisi’s characters however, Adazel and Ose, were the only two I honestly didn’t enjoy. The acting no just enter at all and anytime they came on the screen with their fake demon laughter that could have been better rehearsed, I cringed.

The movie did a good job of combining comedy and romance. There were honestly a lot of funny moments and I laughed genuinely, so I enjoyed it. special effects still are a bit shady, we still have so much more work to do and it is high time we get to it. I enjoyed most of the choreography in the fight scenes and places where the angel was tormenting people.

The locations and set choices were really beautiful, we got to see a lot of fine scenery and greenery. The “heaven” depicted in this movie sha, was a bit funny but that is their interpretation so we take it as it is. Sound was good too, there were no sound issues in the movie and sound was clear throughout.

I actually enjoyed the movie despite the flaws here and there, it was certainly fun to watch something different that had actual genuine comedy and not the forced comedy that most movies have these days. Special effects could have been done better though, but for me, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie.


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