THE MILLIONS: Amaka Definitely Disappointed Us in this Movie


By Jumande Raji

Directed by TokaMcgrabor and Tunde Apalowo

Starring: Ramsey Nouah, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ayo Makun, Ali Nuhu, Nancy Isime, Chika Lann, Toyin Abraham, Bro Shaggi, EtinosaIdemudia.

This movie should have been Merry Men 2, with almost the same lead cast and typically the same storyline, but hey it is supposedly its own movie. They attempted to pull of an Oceans 11 kind of movie but I am afraid they fell short, way short. Let me just say that I went to see this movie with a lot of expectations, but were they met? Read on and find out.

The movie surrounds the life of scam artist, Bem Castle who despite being one of the smartest cons around, is terrible with money and somehow always finds himself in debt. He meets his waterloo when he scams the wrong person and they come for him to get their money back. He is forced to commit the biggest crime of his career in order to settle his debts and live comfortably.

This is a pretty straightforward story but we know that in the heist and action movie types, we are still learners. The movie started on a comic note which I guess was meant to be exciting and make us more interested in the movie, but e no work. The entire movie was just in a very dull state and I honestly got bored at certain points.

The acting in this movie wasn’t great, for the first time in a long while, I did not enjoy Blossom Chukwujekwu’s depiction of a character. His character Jerome was meant to be the geeky, intelligent con artist who always has the right answers but what I got was not even close. Ramsey Nouah was pretty flat in his character, well maybe not flat but I expected more from the character, something different from the other movies where he plays similar roles.

I say it every time, AY is not an actor, his acting prowess doesn’t seem to have improved over time, it is still forced and exaggerated with forceful supposed humor that doesn’t even make me smile, I guess he does it for less intellectual audiences because I don’t find it funny. Also, Chika Lann played his girlfriend Amaka in this movie, and she definitely disappointed me. She cannot act at all; the acting was terrible. I am getting tired of this ploy people use when they produce a movie and cast themselves in it. If you can’t act, you can’t act, don’t force it.


THE MILLIONS movie review

When you do a movie with twists and turns, you have to make sure the plot is foolproof and all the angles have been covered. You don’t just put twists for the sake of putting twists and at the end of the day, it falls flat on its face. The thieves all came out with the last batch of money, so how come he made a van swap when they hadn’t loaded things into it? it was after the party ended that they were able to start loading the van, so how can they tell us that that is the time they switched it. Nawaooo. I know they needed to create a twist but it could have played out better.

The set and location choices were quite fine, they had a number of good scenarios even though I was hoping to go on vacation with Nancy Isime to that resort, and I was only shown a room, it is okay. The sound wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either.

The movie wasn’t worth all the hype at the end of the day, it was just another basic Nollywood movie modeled after a Hollywood movie but not quite hitting the mark.


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