SOCIAL MEDIA 101: Another Underwhelming Stereotypical Comedy


By Jumande Raji

Directed by Paul Igwe

Starring: Ufuoma McDermott, Mary Lazarus, Tana Adelana, Deyemi Okalawaon, Charles Inoje, Adeniyi Johnson, Bolanle Ninalowo, Kenneth Okolie, and others.

The movie follows the lives of three friends who have different obsessions with social media and use it for different purposes. Ada the baker, who tries to use it for her business but can’t seem to get the attention she needs, Emelda who continuously posts altered pictures of herself to get the attention she needs and she gets it, and Gina who is obsessed with posting everything about her life on social media even though her husband forbids her from posting anything about him. These women learn some interesting lessons and bitter truths on their journey.

I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from a movie titled social media 101 but… I’m not sure I just expected all these stereotypes to be thrown into it. from the moment the movie started, there were a lot of predictable outcomes that came to mind and the movie followed most of them. The outcomes were practically predictable, with no twist. It was more like, watching a movie about popular social media scenarios and getting popular faces to sell it.

The acting in this movie was nothing special, they got good actors to play the roles but there was nothing really outstanding about any of it. I’ve noticed these annoying traits with movies these days where it seems like all the budget is exhausted on getting popular leads and then when it comes to the minor roles, we are served some sub-par acting. We had a lot of characters like this in this movie, the robbers, hackers, etc.

Emelda played by Tana Adelana was the typical Instagram slay queen who gave her self photoshopped ass and boobs to look attractive, and she eventually catches the eye of an American based big boy which eventually leads to an online/offline wedding. Most of the comedy in this movie comes from her story, with her trying to get her fake Instagram body in real life.

SOCIAL MEDIA 101 movie review

I don’t know why they had to just focus on all the stereotypes in this movie, not just with the social media classifications but with almost everything. The hacker for example, just had to be some shady looking guy in a dark room who is completely focused on his computer, seriously? At this point, I expected some out of the box character, not this, because I know if this was a Hollywood movie, they wouldn’t portray this character in this basic, boring, stereotypical manner.

The dialogue, for the most part, was boring to me because I kept waiting for something fresh and exciting but I never got it. Some scenes were really tough to watch, one example was the banter between the criminals, common, that was totally crappy. The set was pretty basic, few settings, good scenery. As with a lot of other movies, the sound wasn’t great.

I’m really getting tired of all these movies with forced comedy and no real plot because Nollywood movies are advancing and hopefully soon, there would be no need for mediocrity. This movie wasn’t great for me but if you are one of those people who like fake, forced and exaggerated comedy, you would enjoy this.



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