Hire a Woman movie review

Hire a Woman

We got to see “Hire a man”, so here, we have a different story with a different spin to it. Here we see how far friends are willing to go to help each other out. Temi agrees to act as Jide’s girlfriend on their weekend getaway with his long-“me friends from school because his ex-girlfriend who he hasn’t been able to get over, will be there. The weekend turns out to be a very trying one, with deep revelations heartbreaks, betrayal, revelations and confessions.

The movie is a Chinney Love Eze, directed by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi and stars, Nansy Isime, Uzo Arukwe, Uche Uwaefuna, Ifuennada, Mike Godson, Belinda Effah, among others. So, this movie is largely built on the fact that they have very beautiful scenery and beautiful people. The story didn’t come as much of a surprise, because, from the title, I sort of already had a picture of what the movie would be about. There was really no deep character representation and we could see the disparity in many of the characters’ lines and movements. We understand the need for friends to banter but at many points, it seemed as though the actors were

improvising and some scenes dragged out unnecessarily and we ended up ge1ng lost. I feel like there was so much more to do in the character development and portrayal but we got le2 at the basic level with most of them, the only character that seemed consistent almost throughout and 3owed properly in her character, was Nifemi. So, we see them go on vacation or getaway as the case may be, but aside from eating, drinking, swimming and that last burn 4re, they didn’t seem to have many vacation activities. We could tell the scenery was beautiful, but using more of it to tell the story would have been better.

I liked the scenes where we got to see Temi’s thought play out in contrast to what was really happening. The picture quality of this movie was really beautiful, we were fed with clean pictures and the camera movements seemed to work well with the scenes, no too much cinematography acrobatics. Sound had some comma’s along the way but it wasn’t too terrible so, I guess they get a pass. Costuming was good, colorful and bright, following the mood of the movie. The movie, however, had a very somehow resolution that almost made it look rushed. We understand that was the point the story needed to get to, but it could have been be5er arranged and 3eshed up. Overall, the movie was ok, can’t say more than that. It wasn’t terrible.

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