The Herbert Macaulay Affair: An Imoh Umoren Historic Film

A lot is unknown about Nigeria’s history, from colonization to independence and all and very little is known about the leaders who make up the history. This generation has little or no knowledge about the people that shaped what we call Nigeria today, but that is changing as Nigerian filmmakers are changing that narrative.

There have been a couple of movies telling different historical stories all from various angles, Amazing Grace, 76, Half of a Yellow Sun and others. But one man is about to release a film that will shake the industry and bridge the knowledge gap. ImohUmoren is one of Nollywood’s bold, Innovative and audacious filmmakers;the award-winning ImohUmorenwho is known for his unconventional and daring productions has such great films as Hard Times (Silent Film), Lemon Green, The Happyness Limited, Children of Mud, Lagos: Sex, Lies, and Traffic in repertoire, he is bringing something fresh and exciting to the world of cinema. The movie is just to entertain; itis as well as schooling us about the founding father of Nigerian Nationalism- The Herbert Macaulay Affair. We can’t wait to see this epic film!

Imoh Umoren

Imoh went all out on this one, the film is about Nigeria’s first outspoken leader, an iconic personality- Herbert Macaulay. Set in the 1920s post-colonial era when the bubonic plague hit Lagos. From the trailer, we’re expecting lots of plots, twists and cutthroat action. Known to be the founder of Nigerian Nationalism, Herbert Macaulay was a strong voice against the British colonialists.

The historical drama tells the tale of the return of Herbert. After spending time schooling in England, he returned home and is appalled by the segregation he witnesses at work, this becomes a problem for him as he couldn’t turn a blind eye, thus his resistance to the British authority. Herbert’sresistance has a romantic side to it as he meets and falls in love with Caroline Pratt whose father is a police officer of Her Royal Majesty. Caroline’s father and Herbert share different ideologies and this saw both men constantly trying to outdo and outsmart each other. The movie also explores his personal and public struggles as well.

The Herbert Macaulay Affair

A chat with Imoh, he revealed that everything used in making the film is original 1920s materials. From costumes, utensils, candle stands, location, you name it, he took us back in time to feel, experience and relive post-colonial Nigeria. He even got the grandson of Herbert Macaulay, Wale Macaulay as part of the cast, that’s how authentic this film is. Other casts include William Benson, Kelechi Udegbe, StanleeOhikhuare, Tonia Chukwura, SaidiBalogun and many others.

Listen to the official soundtrack for the Herbert Macaulay Affair movie by Chidinma Ekile 

Imoh is quoted as saying “The Herbert Macaulay Affair is a story about the beginnings of the revolution. And hopefully, the life of Herbert Macaulay inspires us to stand up against tyranny.” We hope this film inspires a burning desire for the knowledge of our past, for it is in our past we can chart a course for the future we want to see and live.

The Herbert Macaulay Affair premieres on all cinemas across the country on the 25th of October 2019. It’s a must-see.


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