Sex for Roles: Not going anywhere anytime soon.

Nollywood boasts of talented thespians who have graced our screens with beautiful acting, we have the known faces and the upcoming who are struggling to attain that spot at stardom. While some are good, others are well, not so good.

I was reading an article over the weekend about Chioma Akpotha, she answered the question, “Did you encounter any challenges?” with so much sincerity (at least I think so) and it got me thinking. She said one of the challenges is having to deal with unprofessional actors, I mentioned this in one of my earlier articles and I’m glad that one of the industry’s finest and well-respected actor has come out to say it. What this means is that some things we hear about the industry are true.

She also hinted that some producers do ask females in the industry for sex, noting that it’s a common trend that is here to stay. This does not apply to all because some actresses place themselves on certain standards, they know what they want and will not compromise it for anything, this such producers/directors avoid them.

It’s funny how celebs come out to say these things happen in the industry but no action is being taken to nip it in the bud. The Actors’ Guild should put sanctions in place to help up and coming actresses and actors against randy filmmakers. There’s also the flip side where actresses go looking for who to sleep with just to get roles, that too needs to be addressed. What do you guys think?

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