Directed by:NiyiAkinmolayan

Starring: AdesuaEtomi-Wellington, Kehinde Bankole, Tina Mba, Jim Iyke, Joke Silva, DakoreEgbesun-Akande, AyoolaAyolola, Marie Humbert, UzorArukwe.


The story follows the life of Chike and her best friend Grace, who come from very rough beginnings. Chike being the daughter of a gangster, had a rough start which toughened her up, but she was always there for her friend Grace and even bought her out of trouble. Smart girls as they are, they went into drug dealing, which eventually led them to graduate to bigger things, deception, manipulation, blackmail, you name it and working for a woman, Madam Enitan, who is only out to get hers. She gets them to pull a scheme on the Elesho’sfor the wrong done to her by them in the past, and she tries to trap them while doing that.

THE SET UP nigerian movie review

Okay okay okay. This movie was crazy on a whole lot of levels and it was definitely an enjoyable one. That being said, the movie had a lot of twists and turns, so many of them and some didn’t quite work out so great. I liked the way the story built gradually to its climax, but a bit more depth to the characters would have helped the story flow better.


I enjoyed the use of different people point of views and stories as regards situations but I didn’t like the way it was portrayed. I understand you are going from one person’s side to another but it doesn’t mean you have to take us through the exact same shot while telling it, a different angle of the same scene might have helped to show its happening to someone else.

The picture and sound quality were wow, clean, clear, crisp, you couldn’t get enough of it, it got me wishing all Nollywood movies would adopt this quality if only wishes were horses. Every scene unfolded beautifully and even the effects and use of camera angles was commendable.

THE SET UP nigerian movie review

Adesua blew me away on this one, I really loved the way she carried the role, so effortlessly and it came out beautifully, almost like the role was made for her. The acting in this movie was great when you have almost everyone carrying their weight, putting in the work and doing what needs to be done, it shows at the end of the day. I didn’t quite enjoy Jim Iyke in his role as Edem, he did his best to carry it but I didn’t think it worked for him.


The twists in the story at a point became a bit much, interestingly played but I think it could have played out better. It was nice to see that the double-crossers were double-crossed, that was certainly fun. Some of the flashbacks, however, were a bit funny, that of madam Enitan for example, that could have been worked on.

The love story between Grace and the pastor honestly was pretty vague and flat, so she was dating the pastor using a fake personality to get information from him, then ends up feeling bad for doing it and instead of finding a way to explain herself and apologize, she just tells him she loves him and expects he would understand. Then somehow at the end of it all, he comes to be with her? Na wa o. so are we saying is normal for pastors to hook up with girls they are not married to? What was the angle there?

It was a good movie but I expected more because it had so much potential. I would have liked to see beautifully choreographed fight scenes not just clips that flip through during the credits. Overall though, this is one very interesting movie, one I wouldn’t mind watching again.


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