Disappointing Movies of 2019 so far: My Take.

Hi people, I’m angry, very angry. Is it just me or are most of the movies in 2019 a disappointment? So the year gave us a lot of promising flicks, from action to fantasy, drama and thriller, any genre you name, Hollywood got us all excited, dripping saliva and licking our lips kind of excitement. Yeah, that kind. It’s August already and I’m so exhausted from anger and sadness because almost all the movies I’ve seen turned out to be a huge giant humongous disappointment.

First, it was Shazam, didn’t find the film that much interesting, the cast and acting didn’t do justice for me. The CGI was a bit okay and the action was not bad, but it seems DC is trying so hard to stay relevant in the comic hero movie world and they’re not getting it, at all. And then came Hell Boy, when I heard there was a third production going on I was like “wetin these people wan act again?” I was right to be worried because part 2 ended very well. Truth be told, this movie for me is a no-no, they changed the storyline, it had disjointed scenes and the lines didn’t just connect. So sad.

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Aladdin is another bummer. Disney keeps trying its hands on many things and one of which is to make old, priceless and amazing cartoons into movies, so far that hasn’t always worked for them much and Aladdin is one example. A lot was changed from the original story, the singing wasn’t just right, it felt as if they were trying so hard and that made me feel sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong, Will Smith brought his almost A game so he’s covered. Naomi Scott tried a bit, she has the voice but can do better. But Mena Massoud was practically dragging, it was kind of pitiful. They should’ve at least used someone else for his singing part.

Speaking of trying so hard to impress, what on earth made Disney think that a live (CGI) enactment of our beloved over 2-decade old cartoon SIMBA would bring joy to all? The whole time it felt as if I was watching a glorified NatGeo documentary. I just couldn’t relate at all.

I know many of you will argue that these movies did well at the box office, but be reminded that a lot of movie lovers had so much expectation that they flooded the cinemas to see the films, only for them to come out sad and betrayed. A movie earning so much at the box office doesn’t make it good, let’s get that clear. Some certain areas and technicalities must be considered before we can all agree that a movie is awesome or not.
Well, the year is not over yet, even though we’ve had some bad movies, there are still some that stamped smiles on our faces. Let’s hope that there are still more of those to come before we call it a year. So which 2019 movie so far didn’t meet up to your expectations?


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