CODE WILO Political Thriller Toh Bad

Directed by Mike-Steve Adeleye

Starring: Gbenga Titiloye, Bikiya Graham Douglas, Kalu Ikeagwu, Gabriel Afolayan, UzoArukwe, Steve ‘Yaw’ Onu, Zack Orji, Alex Osifo, EuchariaAnunobi, Daniel Etim Effiong.

The story revolves around the Thomson’s, the head of the house Livinus Thomson is a political godfather and he is determined to make his daughter Nimi Thomson the next governor of the state. Things seem to be going according to plan until Nimi is kidnapped at her declaration of office party and all hell breaks loose. Due to the kind of life Livinus Thomson has lived, the suspects are endless and amongst them is his greedy son Senator Churchill who feels wronged for being passed over for the governorship position. The real culprit at the end of the day took everyone by surprise and takes us through a web of deceit, blackmail, extortion and secrets.

This movie features a host of seasoned actors and it brought with it a wave of nostalgia and excitement. This is the first real political thriller I’m seeing in a very long while and I must say it was a very interesting one to watch. The story draws everyone in by beginning at a party, we do love a good party. I loved the fact that the story built up naturally and you can’t resist being drawn in every minute of the way.

The movie kept us guessing who the culprit was every step of the way, and up until the point, we finally discover what Code Wilo is, we couldn’t guess right. So, kudos to the writer for taking us on this journey. The acting was beautiful and I must say I love Bikiya and the way she immerses herself into her roles, she definitely had me loving and rooting for her to get free every step of the way.

I loved the choreography in this movie, the fights and struggles were beautifully choreographed. The kidnapping scene with all its struggles gave me so much joy to see, it looked so natural and effortless and even though I knew the plot of the movie involved a kidnap, I was almost hoping that she would get away, it was that good. Also, the love angle between her and Francis was sweet to see, a lot of people could see themselves in their love story, it was beautiful and had people awwwwing all the way.

The acting in this movie was very good, we had some of our Nollywood all-time favorites Alex Osifo, Zack Orji and EuchariaAnunobi and they definitely had us remembering why we love them in the first place, they didn’t play major roles but they carried their roles perfectly well and put me in a nostalgic mood. Gabriel Afolayan seems to be the man of the moment, I’ve been seeing him in many movies lately and he doesn’t disappoint even as a villain he was interesting to watch.


The picture quality and sound were good, clear images and nice camera angles. There was nothing to complain about there and I really liked the scenery, the movie is set in the South-South region of Nigeria and we got to see that. They could have boycotted that but they took us on a hunt for the wristwatch which at that point was a lead and also gave us a feel of the environment, which was beautiful by the way.

I liked that despite it being a serious movie, filled with so much suspense and action, there was still a lot of comedy in it, tasteful and intellectual and in line with the movie. Code Wilo takes you on a very exciting, suspense-filled journey and I wish we had more movies like this, so many twists and turns till the very last minute, and just when you feel like you’ve had enough, something more scandalous happens.


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