By Morris Abdul Newton


Dir: Dammy Lawal

Starring: Nene Nwanyo. 3mins


I stared at the actor in this film as she stared at the screen from whence the horrid screams of despair and sheer pain was coming from and I could tell that this was pure slasher kind of horror.

I could tell because any layman that has watched half a horror film should be able to tell and not because the actor was that good. The actor not necessarily being the best thing on here is why also I sadly felt the horror coming from the tube more than she did in the film.

Let’s get this straight, ‘Warped’ delivered well in its two minutes run time, but could have done way better in many other areas – Directing, makeup, effects, etc.

Let’s also talk about the ‘slash and fall’ portion. I don’t think the film and the actor got that part well. The actor’s reactions to anything in this film were really not good enough.

I see the idea and that makes it a fair attempt.

Finally, I don’t really know about the ‘Warped’ title. All I know is that ‘Twisted’ would probably have been a better one.

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