Warped Movie Review

Written and directed by Dammy Lawal

Starring Nene Nwanyo

The short film promotes the message, “you are what you watch”. It shows a young lady fully engrossed in watching a gory and intensely violent horror movie with rapt attention. She keeps watching it until the unexpected happens. Whatever was happening in the movie happens to her.

I like the fact that this story is very short and straight to the point. The message is so strong that almost anyone who watches it would be able to get it. It was acted very simply too, one actor, one scene and everything happens fast enough that you don’t get distracted.

The actors face is expressive and reactions are appropriate, so much so that you are immediately drawn into the scene with her. I liked the fact that with so little actions, the message was passed across.

Kudos to the team, I’ll like to see more like this.


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