Are Nollywood Celebs Now Mature?

It’s a shocking trend in the movie industry the way celebrities now keep numb on celebrations and things of joy to themselves until they are ready to reveal. What is happening in the Nollywood you’d ask? What happened to the era when everyone spill the beans on their private issues as well as those of their colleagues, social media was always agog with juicy gists of one baby bump shoot, secret marriages, going abroad for baby deliveries, etc.

Funke Akindele's surprise baby shower

Remember Funke Akindele’s surprise baby shower, the news was not anywhere. Her friends kept it a full secret, away from the eyes and ears of the public and that must’ve been pretty difficult for them considering that many love to share their lives with all on social media. Even Funke too surprised everyone, the news of her pregnancy and delivery abroad was a well-kept secret; the news only broke when she delivered successfully and that was when we all also found out that a baby shower was hosted for her. Now that’s Maturity.

There’s one particular celebrity who kept what she was up-to for some time secret, only because she wanted to no etude it and guess what? She did. Tonto Dike went under the knife for cosmetic surgery. She traveled to the United States for the procedure and recorded every bit of it, can you imagine? Tonto filmed the whole process, from going completely nude to the moment she was cut open. With all that happened, none of it ever got out to the public, she guarded the secret jealously, probably because she knew it’ll be great content. Indeed, it was content never before seen on the Nigerian entertainment scene, Tonto smiled to the bank. She sold the entire material to Linda Ikeji who airs/aired it on her online television platform, Linda Ikeji TV.

Toyin Abraham baby shower

The latest being that of Toyin Abraham, the A-list actress recently gave birth to a baby, her fans didn’t know she was pregnant to start with and to think like Funke her friends also threw her a baby shower with the creme de la creme in attendance. Pictures were taken, videos were made but none got out to the public. Everyone in attendance exercised a note of maturity that is worthy of applause, no material from that day was leaked, we only found out when the news of her safe delivery filtered on social media. Now that’s awesome.

If celebrities keep up with this trend, that is not posting every little or big thing about their lives and that of their colleagues, maybe, just maybe we’ll see less of sad stories, backlash and quarrels within themselves. Do you agree? Let’s continue in the comments.


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