So you guys know how I love love comedy series right? (Well if you don’t know, now you know. Hehehe) I recently started watching “How I met your Mother” again and I’m already on season 4. Trust me guys, this comedy series is one of the funniest and it makes it to my top ten best comedy series of all time; don’t worry I’ll talk about the top ten in another article.

How I met your Mother is about a guy who in 2030 decided to tell his now teenage kids how he met their Mom. He, of course, didn’t leave out any detail, starting from when he met his friends and the most adorable couple you’d ever see on television- Lilly and Marshal to how he was forced into a friendship with an eccentric two-time no good but always have your back in a weird way Casanova friend named Barney and yes, the first love of his life whom he dated but parted ways but fell in love with Barney and they got hitched girl called Robin. It also tells the story of their individual journey of life from their twenties to their thirties, living in New York and always hanging out together at a bar called MacLaren’s. It’s a pretty cool and addictive series, no jokes.


After season three (3) ended it got me thinking. We watch Hollywood series a lot and we can always get them whenever we want, either we buy the CDs or download straight from the internet. Now we’ve had a couple of local sitcoms here in Nigeria that really made their mark, talking about Fuji House of Commotion, Papa Ajasco and Company and now the Johnsons. But upon close investigation you’ll realize that the majority of the sitcoms are family-centered, we only have a few that talks about the lives of singles and how they navigate through that critical time of their lives.

I think Flatmates is it for me, I only get to watch it on DSTV and on YouTube. I think we need more of such singlehood oriented sitcoms that can favorably compete with the likes of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Martin, New Girl and others. Flatmates is a very engaging sitcom that gets me laughing my ribs out, and it’s also about friendship, loyalty and love. Producers need to look into giving us more of such sitcoms and I’m sure we have crazy comic writers just waiting in the right series to jump on.

What do you guys think?

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