The Executioner: The Arrows Thrown in this Movie Nearly Executed Me

Directed by Rasaq Adewale

Starring: Segun Arinze, Lota Chukwu, Seun Ajayi, Joseph Momodu, and others.

This movie honestly made me wake and sad, and frankly I was glad I didn’t go to see this alone, though I felt bad for dragging someone to see this movie.

The plot of this movie is sketchy at best, it follows the story of Kingsley who is the DPO’s son and also a leader of a notorious gang. The police have struggled to peg down the criminals but have no luck. Cynthia who is also an officer gets evidence that shows Kingsley as the criminal and using the disguise of an old woman, hands over the evidence to the DPO, who in turn does everything in his power to protect his criminal son, even to the point of murder. Until they are eventually apprehended.

This plot seems very straightforward because I tried to put together the supposed main points of the movie when in reality, this movie was all over the place. So many things were included in the movie that just didn’t make sense. Everything that happens in a movie should be tied to the central plot, but that was not the case in this movie, we had an entirely different story (which I assume was meant to be for comedic effect) of a man and his wife Shalewa, where they argue about food, an at some point, she struggles to lose weight so she can be sexy for her husband. I waited in vain for this story to be linked to the main plot somehow, but I waited in vain.

The acting of this movie was nothing spectacular, I was genuinely looking forward to watching Segun Arinze in a movie but all my expectations were dashed. We see Lota Chukwu, disguise herself and go to her own office to hand over evidence, how is this even possible? Are they trying to tell us that her colleagues and fellow police officers, didn’t recognize that place as her house, and when she came out of the house with her friend, they couldn’t recognize her, common guys!

Also, the grammatical blunders in this movie were too many to count, we had words like “ANTINANTAL”,” FIT CLASS”, among so many others that I got tired of noting them. Also, at some point, they had me confused (one of many instances), when she was having a conversation with her friend about the video. She mentioned she would send the video, then at another point, they talked about now that she has sent the video, and I just gave up following the conversation. Then when the much talked about video was finally sent, the DPO Jonathan, which was played by Segun Arinze, immediately picked up his phone and didn’t even bother to download the video before saying he had seen it. these are thing we come in contact with daily and there was nothing realistic about it.

the executioner review

The makers of this movie need to understand that we the audience are far from stupid. Why would armed robbers go to rob someone’s house but just Kingsley didn’t cover his face, why? And conveniently, Cynthia was upstairs to record the video. What was she doing there? How would armed robbers rob a house where a supposed police officer was staying, and the supposed officer also didn’t take any action, instead she stays back to make a video.

Honestly, this movie made me weak. There was also the flashback that showed that the boy Kingsley was not the biological son of DPO Jonathan’s current wife but his first wife who died after birthing him. I thought long and hard about the relevance of this story to the plot of the movie, just like I did with so many other aspects of this movie and I didn’t find any. The movie was overall really not good, and I was sad that something like that was showing at the cinemas because I was sad I watched it and I was sad for anyone who watched it as well.


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