Coming from Insanity: Story Soo Good you Almost Forget it’s a Movie

Coming from Insanity movie review

Directed by: Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo
Starring: Gabriel Afolayan, Damilola Adegbite, Dakore Akande, Wale Ojo, Wole Ojo, Sharon Ooja, SanniDanja, Tina Mba, UdokaOnyeka, Bolanle Ninalowo, among others.
The story is the true story of a young man from Togo named Kossi, who was brought to Nigeria from a very young age to serve as a houseboy. Like every other person, he dreamed of a better life for himself where he could afford everything he wanted, and he found a way to do just that, making money. He established himself along with a few friends and they started making money and living life. Until they are discovered and all hell broke loose.

Coming from Insanity movie review
The story draws you in at first glance, not just because it’s based on true events but because of how it’s told. I genuinely expected some boring tale about a guy who became a criminal but what I got caught me off guard so much so that many members of the audience like myself, were cheering for the actors and giving advice to the characters like they could hear us, some football home coaching kinda thing.
Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, not exactly sure why but it definitely had a lot of good points. Gabriel Afolayan keeps proving himself and it looks like this is his time to shine as his talents burst forth on this one. The way he maintained his local Togolese accent all through the movie was impressive, I kept waiting for him to slip up but I was pleasantly surprised.

I liked how well rounded most of the characters were, very properly defined and each pulling his or her own weight. The sister figure played beautifully by Damilola Adegbite, the wayward son and brother played by Wole Ojo, Mama Bear, the girl who doesn’t know what she wants but follows the money, played by Sharon Ooja, the police officer who can’t seem to catch a break and so on.
The set designs and sets used in this movie depicted real-life situations and were beautiful in their own way. The transition from mid-nineties to present wasn’t so well defined though. The sound also in some scenes had a bit of an echo. It was almost impossible to point out flaws in the movie because the good points by far outweighed the bad. I liked the deployment of the colourful and often mis matched outfits that Kossi wore, I figured it was based on the original real-life character, but it was definitely interesting to see.

The fight choreography was a bit funny though and maybe a bit rushed. All the near misses were almost unbelievable but since they said it is based on true events, we no fit complain too much. They also gave us a very sensual, ass grabbing scene that had some members of the audience hooting with excitement, lol, youths of nowadays.
I enjoyed the movie, the way the story builds steadily to its climax, drew everyone in and there was really no dull moment. I haven’t been that drawn in by a movie in a long while, this is one movie I wont mind seeing again.


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