Does Nollywood Need a Medical Television Series?

Hi guys, okay I have great news and I really want to share it with you all. My wife gifted me a bouncing baby boy last week! Yeah I mean the baby is so cute, I dare say he’s beautifully handsome and I’m gushing over him like all the time. Now for those of you who have passed through this (I’m talking about fathers), I’m a first time Dad so the experience for me was surreal and extremely shocking.

So I took my wife to a state-owned hospital, popularly known as a general hospital. Everyone kept saying it’s the best, they have qualified doctors, and that they have good medical equipment and all that. So we started the antenatal and my wife came back with good stories about the place; this further convinced me that we were on the right track. Fast-forward to delivery day, it was a different ball game entirely, that was probably the longest hours of my life, pacing back and forth the corridor and praying as if my every breath depended on it. At last the doctor came out to give me the good news.

I’ve seen so much medical oriented television series and I so desperately wanted that kind of experience where the nurses and doctors will rejoice with you and help you make the process as easy and possible, a boy was I in for the shocker of my existence. MY brothers and sisters, I was on my own o. After the delivery, everyone actually wanted to get “something” from me. Putting it in local parlance- papa born boy abeg celebrate am for us na. This is after spending so much for bills and drugs, and knowing that I’ll still spend more before leaving the hospital. From the nurses to the matrons, to the guys at the records and even the security and gatemen, all wanted me to “celebrate” the arrival of my son for them. It was not a pretty thing at all.

Scrubs, House MD, Grey’s Anatomy and even Chicago Hope are television series I watched and fell in love with; I never saw anything like “celebrate” it for us there o. I had to jolt back to reality, na Naija we dey o. I can only remember Clinic Matters and that’s even a sitcom. Nollywood cannot truly boast of a medical series that can match the likes of the aforementioned, or can they?

medical television series

I recently read an article on titled, Nigerian Medical TV Series- A dream? The piece talked about the challenges of creating a totally Nigerian medical television series. For the writer, location, most medical practitioners see medicine as a sacred profession that should not be mixed with secular activities, lack of writers with medical background and of course, medical equipment to use. I think these challenges are real but can be taken care of if the proper stakeholders see the need for a medial series that will inform, entertain and most importantly educate. Educate medical staff on proper etiquette, not to coerce patients and or visitors into giving them money and educate them great customer service. I leave you with this question, is Nigeria ready for a medical television series that can compete at the world stage? I’ll love to hear from you.


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