GOLD STATUE When All that Glitters is Gold

Dir: Tade Ogidan

Starring: Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Remi, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Sola Sobowale, Alibaba, Rykardo Agbor, Nobert Young, Kelvin Ikeduba.

Gold statue follows the story of a young Wale wo comes from the long line of custodians of the legendary gold statue. The statue having been molded ages ago and taken to an unknown location, had been searching for through the years but Wale was determined to be the one to find it by any means necessary. He discovers the coordinates and works his way in there to find it, not minding the fact that it led him to prison, isolated him from his friends and family and nearly killed him.

The movie features a lot of popular actors which can be good and bad, in the sense that they have to find some relevance for every character being played by a popular face. The acting in this movie was generally pretty good. It was exciting to see RMD and Sola Sobowale as a couple again, the disparity in their characters carriage is always a pleasure to watch. Gabriel Afolayan also gave a stellar performance in this movie, emphasizing his talents in acting and delivery, I enjoyed it, the from the Okon accent to Wale at the grand reveal was fun to see.

As with all movie that has a whole lot of popular faces, the movie also faced the challenge of having a lot of prolonged and irrelevant scenes which didn’t add to the story in any meaningful way but just served to prolong the length of the movie. One of the last scenes for example with Kelvin Ikeduba where he threatens to deal with Wale was absolutely irrelevant to this story, seeing that in the next scene, we are told that Wale gave everyone involved a little something.

I also feel that the inclusion of the female prisoners could have been left out of the whole movie because I didn’t see what relevance that part of the story served to the general plot. At that point, it genuinely started feeling like they were improvising and I got clumsy and rowdy, got me wondering what I was watching at a point.

The cinematography was not so great for this movie, the use of a green screen to achieve some sets was also shabbily done and was very obvious to everyone that the scenery was created artificially. The other locations used weren’t too many and played out fine. The sound was also okay, I could have been better but it was still good enough not to be offensive to the ears. The makeup for the scenes with injuries was also very good, it almost had me looking away due to how realistic it looked.

I really enjoyed this movie, it was a good one. The most notable part of this movie was the level of acting, virtually everyone gave a good performance even though some of the scenes dragged. The timing of the movie could have been way shorter and still make sense but overall, it was a good one.


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