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I love to watch movies, like really cool movies. When I’m so tired and exhausted I watch movies to relax and some people find that weird, but it’s me and I can’t change it. Hehehehe.

I believe movies provide us with a window through which we see the world in different perspectives, a reality completely different from ours and sometimes they pose as a reality check of the many things right or wrong in our world. For decades, movies have transformed the way think and act, movies have influenced us greatly so much so that we imitate certain characters in real life just to keep them alive in the real world, and that’s not so bad.

Television series are not left out, in every home, you’ll most likely find at least one family member hooked on a TV series. It’s so fascinating to the extent that we form some sort of harmless cult just to show our loyalty and affinity for the series (and movies) we love so much. Game of Thrones season eight premiered on the 14th of April 2018 and the whole world bore witness to the power the series wields, courtesy of its cult followers/fans who made it a worldwide celebration. That’s the effect of a well thought-out storyline, awesome effects and amazing acting.

We used to have such massive followers for our local television series here in Nigeria. Some of the series that made a mark back in the day were Everyday People, Checkmate, Ripples, After the Storm, Fuji House of Commotion, Candle Light and a few others. Do we currently have any Nigerian series that can boast of a huge fan base? I have to go check on my noodles now, there’s a lot more I’d like to talk about but let’s start here for how.
I’ll like to hear your thoughts on this, meet me in the comments.


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