Gold Statue’ is Magnificent Excellence

It promises a mountain of fun. And with that mountain, comes rivers of quality and an avalanche of Perfect acting performances. This movie is worth every penny you will spend and more. So much more; it practically tore the screening hall to pieces. This is Gold!

A thirty-something strong audience was held spellbound from start to finish. And that is a Very Big something considering ‘Gold Statue’ runs for a mighty two hours and twenty-five minutes. But forget the longevity- Trust us, you want to see this movie. It is two hours and twenty-five minutes of starchy undiluted fun. And that fun doesn’t come unaccompanied.

Rather, it comes distinguished by top of the line quality in every single area. The amount of sheer effort to deliver pristine quality is indescribable. You have to see it. For Nollywood; it is Amazing. Acting is a hundred. Make-up a hundred. CGI a hundred. Props a hundred and fifty. And the story?

That one is just Mad. Literally. Dictionary-Ly. Mad!

PS: Whoever did the make-up for a post-lynched Gabriel Afolayan in the opening scene deserves a gold medal. To that make-up artist; we say Bravo! We honour you 🏆



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