COLD FEET: Do you draw the line between lust and love?

Directed by: Moses Inwang

Starring: Jim Iyke, Joselyn Dumas, EyinnaNwigwe, Beverly Naya, PaditaAgu, among others.

In this movie, we have a happy couple Retired Colonel Mayowa and Omoye his wife, take a break from their normal daily hustle and take a vacation to a resort to have fun for their fifth wedding anniversary. The vacation becomes something else when this happy couple runs into another couple unexpectedly who had the same vacation idea, this time a man planning to propose to his girlfriend. Everything should be fine right? But it isn’t because this man, Tare is Omoye’s old flame and well-hidden secret, while for Tare, Omoye was the one that got away. (Watch Trailer  Here)

cold feet movie review

The story of this movie is actually quite interesting and I couldn’t really help but be drawn to it. The casting also worked really well and it sort of made me want to see more every time. from the beginning of the movie, you could tell that it was going to be filled with a lot of drama so, with the accidental meeting of the former lovers. Let’s give thanks to coincidence for that one, having them at the same place at the same time, for the same duration, it happens right?

The acting in this movie was good, I wouldn’t say great but somehow the combination just made sense. I had an issue with Jim Iykes’s character, I understand he was meant to be the older, extra, overprotective husband, but I think at a point everything just got a bit much and a little toning down of all the extra-extra additions and forceful laughter would have been better.

Most of the movie happens at the Ibom resort which as we got to see, is a really beautiful place with beautiful scenery. But I don’t think we got to see enough of the resort. For couples who are on a getaway, there was so much more fun stuff they could have engaged in besides pool and golf. Sure, we understand that Omoye was reluctant to do stuff, but we didn’t really get to see the fun stuff she was supposedly missing out on. Temi also, it was impossible for her to always be in her room till that last day, they definitely should have had an itinerary, seeing her do stuff without Tare might have made a stronger impression.

The cinematography was beautiful, did well to show us the beauty that surrounded the movie, no too much camera acrobatics an that was good, allowed us to enjoy every scene. The scenes were sharp and clear ad flowed seamlessly.  Sound was also pretty good, no ups and downs or sound seizures, costuming was good and character appropriate.

I personally enjoyed this movie written by ChinneyloveEze which shows us that human beings are mostly flawed and nobody is perfect, we all have weaknesses, just that some weaknesses are worse than others. The story teaches that love wins out over blind chemistry and lust any day anytime and the sooner we realize that, the better.


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